‘brokeback mountain’ was excellent!

‘brokeback mountain’ was excellent!
October 27, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

oh my gosh – wow – i just walked in the door from the screening – brokeback mountain is a fine example of great american cinema – and how movies should be made – wow – kudos to director ang lee for bringing this tender tale to life (based on a short story by annie proulx and adapted for the screen by the awesome larry mcmurtry) – i was stunned by the time it ended – and i did shed a few tears – it is haunting & beautiful – and at the center of it all – is a heartbreaking love story – gosh – being a gay male it was so exciting & refreshing to see a movie about two men in love – that isn’t all gay and up in your face – i would not categorize this as ‘queer’ cinema – this is a mainstream film that i hope gets the large audience it deserves – the 20 year relationship between cowboys jack twist (played by gorgeous jake gyllenhaal) and ennis del mar (played by heath ledger who was actually really good!) unfolds in such a way that you really start to care for these characters – the boys grow on you and become quite likable characters – and mr. gyllenhaal was so good – i was blown away…although he didn’t age as well as heath did over the years of the movie…

the whole film was so understated that it made it all the more powerful – there was no unnecessary dialogue – the cinematography was excellent – the scenery amazing – and the ‘love’ scenes were sweet and not all salicious or sassy – i just really dug everything about this movie – and michelle williams and anne hathaway (oh her princess diaries) were actually really good as the wives of these two men – i really loved seeing all the incarnations of hathaway’s hair throughout the movie – especially those snazzy 70’s styles – mr. lee sure knows how to handle himself in that decade – and randy quaid has a great bit part!

i really am very interested to see how it will fare at the box office plus how it will be marketed – for sure it will garner some awards (it already snagged best film honors over at the venice film festival) – i implore you all to check it out when it hits theaters on december 9th (i will remind you guys when it comes out!) – gosh i will be thinking about it all night – what a great film – really – anyways popbytes out for now – xxoo

PS my buddy matt at work kept teasing me that i was going to see ‘saggy dude mountain’ – gosh i found that so funny – that boy really cracks me up! rock on!

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