britney spears vs. marilyn manson

britney spears vs. marilyn manson
November 28, 2008 TEAM POPBYTES

good morning! i hope everyone had an excellent holiday yesterday – i didn’t do much but that was just fine by me! today i have bunch of errands to run (fun stuff like changing the oil in my car and getting a smog check) here’s the mashup for this week – which was actually concocted by DJ paul v. himself – and mashes two unlikely bed fellows – britney spears and marilyn manson – have a listen for yourself below! popbytes over & out for now…xoxo

Hey everyone, Happy Belated Thanksgiving! We have so much to be thankful this year. Such as: President Obama, Tina Fey as ‘Sarah Palin,’ the unbelievably fabulous debut CD from Ladyhawke, gasoline prices down again, and Britney Spears exiting the Crazy Train and buying an E-ticket to her comeback. While watching her trainwreck all last year was kind of entertaining, deep down we were all rooting for Miss Brit to get it together. This coming Tuesday (Brit’s birthday December 2nd), she’ll drop her ‘Circus’ album – so I decided to mash her single ‘Womanizer’. But I wanted to hook her up with the ultimate freakshow – Mr. Marilyn Manson – making our pop princess get all crunchy and hard and aggro. I hope you like it and wanna ‘gobble’ it up!

Listen to DJ Paul V. – The Beautiful Womanizer [.mp3 10.3mb]

Enjoy – DJ Paul V.

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PS to my LA peeps: Tonight, November 28th – aka Black Friday – skip the Christmas shopping and come dance off the turkey at the Neon Noise Dance Party at the Medusa Lounge in Silver Lake. Electro + indie rock + mashups = bangin’ beats!