britney spears vs. madonna – mashup!

britney spears vs. madonna – mashup!
January 22, 2009 TEAM POPBYTES

good morning! oh my gosh – i totally meant to wake up early to catch the 81st annual academy award nominations which were held early this morning (5am) but of course i forgot and slept right through ’em (here’s the list of oscar nominees) anyways right now i’ve got the latest mashup selection from my pal DJ paul v. which mashes two ladies of pop – britney spears and madonna – it’s quite groovy – have a listen for yourself below! popbytes over & out for now…xoxo

Hey everyone! Sorry for missing the mashup last week. I’m sure you all heard by now, but Los Angeles lost a truly amazing radio station as of last Wednesday (and the one that I worked at). That’s when the city’s beloved Indie 103.1 FM switched formats and now only exists online. But, I got outta my funk and picked a very tasty (if not tardy) mash for everyone this week. These two ladies have been mashed quite a bit before – but when Britney Spears dropped her ‘Circus’ CD, lots of chatter started how the synth melody from ‘Trouble’ (a bonus track) sure sounded alot like Madonna‘s ‘Get Together.’ So of course, someone (whose identity I don’t know) gave it a whirl. And it does kind of prove that Miss Brit learned how to snatch more than a just a kiss from Miss Madge.

Listen to Trouble Get Together [.mp3 5.6mb]

Enjoy – DJ Paul V.

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