britney spears goes bald – she shaved her head!

oh my goodness – i can’t fucking believe this!!! britney spears shaved her entire head! she’s bald just like her snatch! (read the x17 post) oh my gosh – oh my word – i’m losing my mind! today was a doozy of a rollercoaster with ms. spears…she was in rehab – she was out of rehab – actually according to her publicists she was simply on a plane! so tonight i’m sitting down settling into my weekend when all of a sudden the 11pm news comes on with word that britney spears shaved her head – i literally almost passed out!!! i quickly grabbed my camera and snapped the pictures below of her at a sherman oaks (oh the valley!) tattoo parlor where she got a small tatt of red lips on her wrist! her mom lynne spears must be totally wetting herself over this latest escapade and please make sure to check out the britney story over at thatotherblog

one eyewitness at the tattoo parlor said she seemed scattered and confused and wasn’t answering a lot of questions plus she hinted that britney may have gotten more than one tattoo!!! oh man ms. spears is a total mess – it’s unbelievable – she needs help and fast! although i will say the new shaved look is kinda hot…i’ve always been a big fan of sinead o’connor & the whole demi moore ‘GI jane’ look! even though i’m all wired over the latest ‘loop de loop’ with britney i must sleep soon! popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo!

PS ok so i was just walking my two dogs (fidel & parker) and this cab pulled over right in front of my building and this girl swung the door open and puked her guts out right on the street!!! i was like oh my gosh how britney of her…i quickly ran upstairs to witness the drama from my balcony – she finished her business and closed the door and the cab took off! oh i’ll i bet that the cab driver was beyond thankful she gave him the ‘i’m gonna puke so pull over’ warning! there’s nothing like the smell of puke in cab…

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  • Joey

    OH MY WORD!!! I nearly passed out when I saw the post on x17, I thought it was a joke. I feel really scared for her. It’s just too sad, especially when her kids see her. Sooooo sad… :( I’m bummed. MK, can I have a hug?

  • Jeff

    I think she wanted her head to match her p___y. She’s hot no matter what though.

  • Andrew

    Wow, she finally lost it, can’t say I’m surprised, I am, however, amused, VERY amused.

  • eimear O’Connor

    OH MY GOD!!! Thats fucking insane!!!! WTF is wrong with her!!! Jesus if shes not careful shell end up like anna nicole…

  • ches

    Have to agree she looks hot.

  • Watchthis

    Britney needs help NOW before we have another Anna Nicole tradegy. The signs are all there people!!!

  • Seymour Kreevich

    LOvE IT! I hope it inspires more young women to try the look.

  • Anonymous

    i think she looks cute but i’m scared for her. it seems like she’s getting more and more out of control. i fear she could be the next anna nicole! these girls just don’t realize their excessive partying, drinking, smoking, doing drugs will only lead them to death! and it makes me even more sad because this girl is a mother she should know better than to act this way in public! in a few years her kids will see it, could you just imagine the humiliation?!

  • Kayla

    Maybe brittney is trying to come clean and have a new start maybe if people would stop dissing her like she is to impress them. No one likes to be talked about even celebrities. We all know how it feels to be the talk of the school for a day just think how dramatic it is to be the talk of the nation. Totally not cool. Brittney is going to find herself and come back twice as good as she ever was Brittney still rocks!!

  • fred hall

    she is obviously a victim of biological nanotechnology developed for mind control. no way would she do this of her own free will.
    #Humboldt Undernet IRC servers

  • Marqs

    Gasp!!! The horror. Do you laugh or do you cringe??? (Maybe she got puke tangled in that ratted hair….) (And, really, I didn’t NEED that cab story w/the puke, we get enuff of Britney’s everyday vomit; then you “quickly” run up the stairs to further witness — pull it together, MK. For real, “I” would have then started gagging.)
    Why does she sabotage herself, like everyday?? Her defiance and stubborness is no longer an excuse.
    The slobfest continues.

  • miss b

    This is so sad. This poor girl needs help. We can’t just watch this, it’s not entertaining, it’s shocking and sad and I really fear for her welbeing

  • Adrian

    she sucks ass.. I hate that ho!! She looks like Sinaed O’Connor>>

  • Colleen

    She’s no Natalie Portman. Heck, she’s not even a Sinead O’Connor. Maybe her hair was falling out from all the torture she’s given it – a color ever week, extensions…she’s starting fresh.

  • jerriann

    i think she shaved her head so they cant test her for drugs because for as long as your hair is they can go back that long to test fvor drugs what kinda how long use and on….but someone needs to help this por girl she is calling out for help where the Fuck is her mother because i have 2 girls if at anytime in their lifes they act like her i know its time to be a fucking mother and step in and help no matter how old or rich they might be ya still have to be their mother when they need it the most….poor britney someone please help her i see another “ANNA” all over again R.I.P lovely ANNA…..

  • alex <3

    I don’t know or understand what Britney is going through, but for her sake and her children’s sake I hope she starts to clean up her act and get her stuff together. She is an amazingly talented young woman who is capable of doing so much good for the world with her status, she has just lost herself in these past couple of months. I wish her all the best and hope that she gets things together.

  • janet

    I agree with some of the comments of leaving the poor girl alone!! she is self expressing and she is only a kid, who cares what she does? she still is a pretty girl, and think about how young she is and what she has to put up with!!! I feel sorry for stars we all have the same issues they have except they are all over the news all the time… leave them alone!!! and maybe they can leave normal lives!!! shit the rest of us have done things in our lives that are crazy too…if everyone in the media stopped all the drama we could teach our own children and society to stop the drama and worry about themselves!!! shame on all of you people that never stop bothering people!! they are normal people just like us!!!

  • alyssa

    i can’t believe she did this! Her kids are going to be all skrewed up if she keeps doing this stuff to herself! I mean what about her sister her carrer can be ruined because of her

  • http://48336 caitlyn

    o my god thats crazzzy

  • anna

    i think britney is a beautiful girl who has made some stupid mistakes and i think she knows that. people think fame is so great but look at what it does to people. underneath it all, shes a normal person like any of you. im rooting for britney! i feel for her and hope she can work her shit out.

  • carly from down under

    Leave her alone. its the paparazzi that push the point, and invade her privacy entirely. How would u feel??? If every little thing u do is there 4 the whole world to JUDGE. What a SICK world we live in. I hope she has some good true friends 4 support right now. I hope she can get away and have some timeout, away frm the limelight, and get strong again.
    ( PS the hairs alright, shes a cutie, she can get away with it)

  • Jade

    ok truthfully i think she should NOT have done that i swear i had like nightmears man im sooo suprised that BRITTANY SPEARS would do something like this too herself when i heard about this from my friend i litterally couldnt talk!I almost passed right out!No affence but i think she looked better b4 then now kinda.