britney spears is no janis joplin

britney spears is no janis joplin
March 30, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

ok see that picture below of legendary rock queen janis joplin? see how she is laughing – you know what she is laughing about? the fact that britney spears wants to play her in the cinematic biopic to be called the gospel according to janis OH MY WORD – are you fucking kidding me??? janis may be laughing in that picture but she just spun around in her grave a few times…god bless her soul!

what a bad ass casting idea…i do love britney but she cannot play janis – this is complete pop blasphemy! apparently lindsay lohan and pink are also vying for the role – if anything i would say pink should play joplin since she is way more rocky than lohan & spears put together (and then some…) but even pink is kind of a poor choice…at this point they should just find some kick-ass unknown to do justice to ms. joplin on the big screen! oh my word when i heard about all this – i literally RAN to popbytes to post this – sheer insanity – i am so over & out until tomorrow…xxoo!