Britney celebrates 10 years of fragrances with this?

Britney celebrates 10 years of fragrances with this?
September 24, 2013 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

Gosh, you’d think Britney Spears could come up with a better ad than this to celebrate her ten year anniversary of being in the fragrance business! Obviously girlfriend didn’t put this together herself but whoever had a hand in this should be ashamed of themselves, this ad looks so amateur and totally tacky, it’s awful. I guess there was some contest for fans to win a chance to have their name appear on the ad, but the names are barely legible, so who cares? Ugh! Apparently Brit is releasing a special anniversary edition of her Fantasy fragrance, with an (ugly) black bottle instead of the fuchsia color it was originally manufactured with. No word on when this will be available in stores, but I am sure there will be plenty to fill discount bins everywhere! I do love Britney, but this is just one big fail.

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