britney spears does ‘the x factor’

britney spears does ‘the x factor’
November 29, 2008 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

good evening! i’ve been getting so much done over the past few days plus i got to play tons of fallout 3 on xbox which i’m totally addicted to right now – it’s an awesome game! one person who i know has been way busier than me is britney spears – she has been on a whirlwind tour of europe over the past few days – with performances in germany (at the bambi awards), in france (on star academy) and most recently in london where she performed on her hit single womanizer on x factor (british american idol – both shows share newly single judge simon cowell) check out the video below – she’s doing a great job – the comeback is in full swing and will kick into high gear on tuesday morning when she’ll do her thing on good morning america and celebrate turning 27 – the same day her new album circus drops! today in my mailbox was an advanced retail copy – i’ve been playing it super loud all day long – overall like i’ve said before i really like the album! right now i’m going to get back to watching season #1 of mad men on blu-ray which is ridiculously excellent – why didn’t i start watching sooner?!? (many thanks to my pal joey for hounding me about the show) i love betty draper played by january jones – i can’t wait to see what happens with her character! popbytes over & out for tonight…xoxo

PS oh my gosh! i almost forgot – don’t forget to tune in tomorrow night to MTV for the premiere of the new documentary on ms. spears called britney spears: for the record!