britney spears: do her kids come last?

britney spears: do her kids come last?
January 3, 2007 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

good morning y’all! with all of britney spears‘ recent partying/puking/fainting/pussy-flashing of course the tabloids are going to jump on the ‘what about the kids?’ train! this week’s STAR magazine asks the question – ‘do her kids come last?’ oh ms. spears could’ve played out the last few months quite differently – i wonder when she will do a 180 (if ever) and get her career back on track while managing to be a good mom? she seriously needs to go and hang with gwen stefani who also gave birth this year and managed to put out one of the most infectious albums of the year (which landed the last spot in my favorite albums of ’06 post) and managed to get back to her pre-baby body super fast – oh yes – it can be done!

“kevin has reminded her that she can’t expect to go out every night with kids, but britney doesn’t want to listen,” the source says. since the split, it is as if brit has only toted sean preston out for photo-ops, such as their dec. 2 trip to the LA zoo and a malibu shopping trip with paris. even more surprisingly, brit has virtually steered clear of the gym and the recording studio – the two places she needs to be in order to launch her much-hyped comeback!

you have to chuckle at the ‘evidence’ below being stacked against ms. spears (she wore rags for a matt lauer interview – ha!) i love the whole ‘exhibit’ vibe – it reminds me of when pee-wee herman had his bike stolen and held that meeting where he went over all the evidence at hand (exhibit A – a boy and his bike – exhibit B – a boy – what’s missing…the bike!) gosh i love that movie! anyways i hope kevin federline realizes this is just a magazine and the evidence/exhibits below probably won’t stand up in a court of law! maybe with all the increasingly bad press on her dumb antics she’ll finally get the hint and take a stand for her career and kids – before it’s too late or she gets herself knocked up again! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!