britney spears DIVORCING kevin federline!!!!

britney spears DIVORCING kevin federline!!!!
November 7, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

oh my word!!! this just in…i’m sure we’ll be hearing more details soon on the impending divorce between britney spears and hubby kevin federline! oh i just screamed out loud when i heard the news – oh my goodness!!! this is the day we’ve all been waiting for! many thanks to popbytes reader kim who just tipped me off to the breaking story…i was just about to sit down and eat my lunch! oh happy happy joy joy – we all knew this was coming but gosh who knew that today would be the big day! i had a feeling once she gave birth to her second kid she would be dumping his ass! oh he must feel like such a chump and rightly so…and don’t anyone worry there was an iron-tight prenup agreement between the two…he best start looking for a job now! oh my gosh – i’m all hyped up! i best eat my lunch before i pass out…popbytes over & out for now – xxoo! (many thanks to the gang over at TMZ for the legal document you see below)

PS it looks like ms. spears certainly cast her vote on this election day – the vote to move on – woo hoo!