britney spears – break the ice – video

britney spears – break the ice – video
March 14, 2008 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey hey! i just got in from running a couple of errands all over town – and what was i blasting in the car? oh yes i’m still listening to britney spears‘ latest album blackout which was released back in october – and right now it’s march and i’m still needing my daily fix of ms. spears! i love almost every track – it’s upbeat and catchy – the whole vibe is consistent – however i don’t know how much we can actually credit ms. spears for the album since we all know she was a total mess while making it yet she managed to get herself some kick-ass producers & writers who truly delivered one tight pop dance album! this past week britney debuted her animated video for her newly released third single break the ice – which just happens to be one of my favorite tracks! the video is just ok (i would’ve preferred to see ms. spears in the flesh dancing around…maybe next time if she’s up for it) but the song totally rules! the video is posted below courtesy of the good folks from myspace celebrity!

tonight i’m going to try and watch ’08 best picture winner no country for old men which i picked up on blu-ray earlier this week – shame on me for having seen it earlier! popbytes over & out…xxoo! (btw if you happen to have an HD DVD player – the discs are on sale everywhere! i got a few today at 50% off over at virgin! i much prefer blu-ray but the prices right now are worth picking up some of the last of the HD discs!)