It’s Britney Spears’ new music video for “Perfume!”

It’s Britney Spears’ new music video for “Perfume!”
December 10, 2013 JEREMY FEIST

Britney Spears "Perfume"

One of my biggest problems with some of Britney Spears‘ newer stuff has been that, well, none of it really sounds like Britney. “Work Bitch” buried her vocals under about 5,000 layers of Will.I.Am‘s mediocrity, and more often than not she ends up lost in the production. But here comes “Perfume,” which not only SOUNDS like Britney during her glory days, but actually updates it in a way that makes it feel like she’s actually progressed as an artist without completely losing herself to trends. I know. I KNOW. Those words actually left my head, but I don’t care because the song (penned by Sia) is actually GOOD. Watch the music video (directed by Joseph Kahn) below!

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