Watch the trailer for ‘BRIDEGROOM’

Watch the trailer for ‘BRIDEGROOM’

Tom Bridegroom

Here’s the newly released trailer for BRIDEGROOM, which centers around my pal Shane Bitney Crone‘s relationship with Tom Bridegroom, and all that happened after Tom tragically passed away almost two years ago. I was lucky enough to have met Tom before he died, I still can’t believe two years have passed since his death. Last year Shane made a Youtube video that garnered a ton of worldwide attention, and lead to the making of this film (funded on Kickstarter), which is premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival in just a few weeks. This film is definitely lending a hand in humanizing the issue of gay marriage, and why it needs to be completely legal, in all fifty states. I know Tom must be looking down while beaming with pride over what Shane courageously has been able to accomplish amidst tragedy.

BRIDEGROOM gives an intensely personal edge to the ongoing debate over the legal rights of same-sex couples. Interviews, photos and video footage all testify to the uncommon connection that drew together Shane Bitney Crone and Tom Bridegroom. For six years they remained united despite extreme challenges from both family and society, until a tragic accident tears apart their dreams. Now one must fight to be recognized as his soulmate’s legitimate counterpart.

Tribeca Film Festival 2013 Official Selection

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