brazilian girls blew me away!

brazilian girls blew me away!
November 1, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey everyone! since i got in late last night from the incredible brazilian girls show and had to work today (that darn day job!) i didn’t have the time to tell you all about last night until right now! oh my goodness – literally it was one of the best shows i’ve ever been to! i know i always say that about everything (but keep in mind i usually don’t talk about stuff i don’t like here on popbytes…) but gosh – the complete honest truth is – the show was fucking brilliant! i had only listened to brazilian girls a few times (my good pal victoria turned me onto them just like she did lily allen – i’m dying to see what she comes up with next!) she convinced me that i needed to see them play live – and damn girlfriend was dead on!

i almost didn’t go because i was beat and all that halloween traffic drama seemed unbearable (plus i ended up going alone – i won’t berate my friend who dropped out – i totally understood!) so i made my way down to the wiltern arriving around 10pm and the band came on about thirty minutes later – a lot of people were in costume but not popbytes – i had no time for costumes but everyone else dressed up made for a really fun atmosphere! ms. victoria told me to bring my dancing shoes and at first i was all ‘i’m not dancing here by myself with no costume on’ but once i got into the groove of the music – powered by the way cool & kick-ass performance of lead singer sabina sciubba – i totally got my groove on and hadn’t felt that relaxed & carefree in a longtime!

sabina first appeared in a trash bag (i think with tape that spelled out ‘euro trash’) playing the first few songs (they kicked off jique quite early but it was great) and then she ripped off the bag and emerged covered in this crazy glitter & rhinestoned outfit that sparkled & shined from head to toe – of course she covered her eyes like she always does – this time with a sorta lace/netting shower cap (ok that just took me like 15 minutes to figure out how to describe sabina’s headpiece)

watching her dance/prance/slink around the stage – singing in different languages – orchestrating the audience in all the appropriate moments – my usual load of stress was washed away and she took everyone on a journey – i couldn’t believe when i tossed off my light jacket (oh yes it’s getting chilly here in LA) and danced my ass off (i wasn’t even drinking) plus with the lights & loud sound (oh i could feel the bass) with everyone all up in their best halloween digs – it felt really tribal w/ lots o’ good karma all around! i don’t know how else to describe it – twas one of those nights where you felt like you could just go out and howl at the moon! as i watched ms. sciubba she reminded me a bit of one of my other favorite eccentric music ladies – ms. björk…they’re quite different but definitely spin in the same cosmic circle!

the band finished up their set around midnight and was a mix of their first album self-titled album and their latest release talk to la bomb! a few songs were accompanied by a guy on the trumpet and another on the trombone – they totally let loose – just try to imagine dancing your ass off to those instruments (i know it sounds wacky) but oh man the brazilian girls totally pulled it off! if you have the chance to see them live – you simply must! i can’t wait until they swing back to los angeles! many special thanks again to victoria for pointing me in their direction! rock & blog on – popbytes over & out for now – xxoo!

PS below the pictures i snapped is a video of the band’s performance at NYC’s irving plaza of their song jique!