brad’s secret love note to jen (oh please…)

brad’s secret love note to jen (oh please…)
February 27, 2007 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey everybody! i’m watching the guys perform on american idol – nothing too great yet – the girls will be more entertaining tomorrow evening! so this week it looks like anna nicole smith & britney spears have been put back in the corner by STAR magazine which hopped right back on the brangelina express! although the two other stories at the moment are icky (i’m still so sad about anna) and totally not fun it was actually nice to have a lull from brad pitt & angelina jolie (britney did have herself a good gossip run but now i just want to see her get better although there’s one small thing i can’t get out of my mind…her umbrella of destruction – just by saying it out loud i crack myself up!)

things were fairly quiet on jolie-pitt front and then boom…they don’t show up for the oscars and it’s like a ‘scandal’ and now there’s rumors of some secret love note mr. pitt penned to his ex jennifer aniston! the whole situation is beyond tired at this point – yes i’ll agree ms. jolie painted as a vixen is a great ‘character’ (she for sure brings out emotions in people – she would have rocked on ‘dynasty’ back in the day) and ms. aniston is perfect as the ‘best friend who is never happy’ character – their drama was juicy and interesting for a while but i think this is one gossip novella that needs to take a bow! (although we know that won’t be the case…) i’ll be back with more on this story later on…oh good times! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!