brad & courteney – at war!

hey kids! oh there’s a new war in hollywood! this time it’s courteney cox-arquette and brad pitt who are both putting their hands into production…brad’s company plan b was responsible for the departed (which garnered a few golden globe noms) and a mighty heart (shooting with angelina jolie)

courteney’s got her own company with husband david called coquette productions which will be releasing a horror spoof film called the tripper in 2007 and they’ve also got dirt the new FX series which premieres on january 2nd (i watched an advance preview of the show…it’s dark & twisted and very good) plus the comapny has already sold ten projects (all of this according to the most recent issue of STAR magazine) so the battle is on between one time ‘friends’ to vy for the latest & greatest projects going around hollywood!

so i guess that tabloids have almost exhausted the supposed bad blood between brad & jennifer aniston and they’ve moved onto her best friend! watch out my darling lisa kudrow you could be the next pitt enemy! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

as the source explains, “courteney says, ‘brad can do his epics. i think i have a pretty good pulse on what people want to watch.'” the former friend has the drive, too. “courteney is very ambitious. i think her ultimate goal is to become another sherry lansing,” the source says, referring to the first female head of a major studio (she ran paramount pictures from 1992 to 2004). “it will be interesting to see the day when she and brad compete to snag the same film project!”

as for brad, another source says he remains unaware of the competition that’s brewing. “for now, they’re on two different playing fields.

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  • http://Tmz shirlene Gosek

    I think that there would be nothing less than war. Jennifer was her best friend. I don’t think good of Brad Pitt anymore anyhow, and less of the homewrecker. When you’re married you just don’t let things happen. Both of them are losers and what goes around comes around. I still can’t stand PItt.

  • yournukka

    whateva..this is stupid both of them are to mature and focused to be “competing” hell, there’s enough out there for them both” Courtney has to much class and so does Brad

  • Jillian

    This is such fucked up bullshit.. this is absolute shit… and is untrue and fucking stupid… like what the fuck i guess star already made up enough fucked up shit about jen & brad

  • Anafaria

    its all lies, i fell bad for all people involved in this, the tabloids know that nobody sells like brad pitt so they have to put his name in some bull to sell magazines.
    i really wish that after the oscars brad and angelina take a break from LA, and the tabloids leave Jennifer alone.

  • Truth Hurts

    How can you think less of Angelina then Brad? Angie made no promises to Jen, Brad did. Yet she is the worse? Shirlene…as a woman, I would expect more from you. I am sure someone in your life has been in an affair…a sibling, parent, or friend (whether they told you or not). It’s funny how we hold celebrities of all people to a higher moral code then our own friends and family. You can be as much of as ass as you want, but as long as you don’t cheat, you are great. If you put that whole love triangle aside, would you still feel the same way? Sorry, I just find it fascinating. The only people I come across that have contempt for this couple are generally just women who are insecure in their own relationships. I can understand not being on the “they are so perfect” bandwagon, but all out contmept for them is rare in confident, secure women. It’s just something I have noticed.
    Furthermore…this story is total BS!! Star just happened to notice that both a running production companies and decided to run with it. It’s so obvious, I am sad for anyone who cannot see through it, especially considering Star Magazine’s reputation is one notch higher then the Enquirer’s.

  • Jennifer

    I think less of Brad now as well as Angelina but that last person cares way too much.
    I don’t like the idea of cheating on your husband or wife though, it’s very not cool !