brad & angelina…not adopting right now…

brad & angelina…not adopting right now…
February 28, 2007 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

good evening my pop friends! ok if i have to watch one more thing about anna nicole smith i think i may pass out! i don’t trust anyone involved in the situation and oh my gosh i still keep finding myself shocked that she actually died – no more anna – it’s so fucking sad & eerie! i know some people think i’m crazy but i really loved her so much – what a tragic figure! (you know i live for the messy ones) she was never really happy and the one thing that did seem to make her happy was taken away from her – man oh man – i can’t bear it! (we seriously all need to know once and for all who the father of baby dannielynn is?!?)

here’s a drop more info from STAR magazine’s story on brangelina this week…even though there was recently a bunch of adoption rumors it sounds like right now it’s a big no go (i think the couple should expand their brood but they can also give the family a little resting time before a ‘brand new baby situation’) and for as the animosity being constantly painted between angelina jolie & jennifer aniston is IMHO (in my humble opinion) completely imagined! i hope at some point we’ll see something along the lines of thelma & louise from those two – that would be so hot! although ms. jolie has been a ‘serious sally’ lately with her article in the washington post – totally the reason why she and brad were absent at the oscars – she was busy burning the midnight oil – essay style! popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo!