brad & angelina’s custody battle?!?

brad & angelina’s custody battle?!?
August 22, 2007 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey hey! below is the latest cover of national enquirer and they’re featuring drama between brad pitt & angelina jolie – apparently the magazine had ‘spies’ in chicago and the couple got in a huge fight but i’m still thinking everything is fine with them – all couples fight! we’ve also got couple drama between courteney cox-arquette and her hubby david arquette who are down in hawaii (along with her BFF ms. aniston) in an attempt to hold things together – didn’t jennifer aniston and her ex-hubby brad pitt take a vacation and then announce their split? i hope all is ok between courteney & david! below them there’s worries about christina aguilera‘s pregnancy – maybe that’s why the couple still haven’t announced the good news officially – even nicole richie spilled the beans – i wonder when christina will release official word?!?

along the strip on the bottom – i know cher‘s daughter chastity bono is a butch lesbian but i doubt she’s changing her sex…that would be totally crazy! then there’s terri irwin who may have found new love after losing her crocodile hunting husband steve irwin (who i still can’t believe is gone – gosh that was such a tragedy and a shame) on a sad note – supposedly toni braxton has been diagnosed with cancer but inside the magazine they say she’s got a great chance to fight & beat it – i adore ms. braxton and i hope she can weather the storm! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!