brad & angelina’s big baby announcement…

brad & angelina’s big baby announcement…
November 14, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN


UPDATE someone pointed out on JJB that maddox‘s eyes looked funny and then someone posted the original photo which clearly shows maddox with his eyes closed! the eyes must have been photoshopped on – that’s wild!

good evening boys & girls! yes it’s about that time of the week…let’s get to the very latest cover of STAR magazine which is all about brad pitt & angelina jolie‘s ‘big baby announcement’…word on the street is that the two are possibly thinking of adopting another baby – this time from india! now i’m all for more adoptions & saving the children of the world but i think brad & angie should relax and calm themselves down a bit but just because they were visiting children in an oprhanage / adoption center doesn’t mean they’ll have a new baby soon but i’m almost 100% sure we’ll see more additions to the jolie-pitt clan – whether by adoption or human nature!

in other headlines we’ve got britney spears supposedly catching kevin federline with another woman…ok here’s my quick thoughts of the moment on kfed-ex – he isn’t the worst looking guy ever – in fact sometimes i’ve said he was cute but gosh i take that all back! he is one of the scummiest people ever – and if he does have some supposed sex tape and tries to blackmail britney over it – that’s beyond wrong – she’s still the mother of his children! yet it’s quite obvious that he just doesn’t care at all plus the fact that he’s seeking custody of the kids – it’s like you’ve got to be fucking kidding me! i can’t wait to go to his concert next week here in LA (unless it gets cancelled) so i can go and boo his ass! but i will say that we all warned britney about this guy and now look what she has to go and deal with – what a headache!

finally it looks like that darn mysterious ‘baby bump’ has appeared on katie holmes – gosh that baby bump sure does get around – it’s like catching a case of the flu in hollywood! i’ve got some more to post on that story later! right now for some reason i’ve gotten sucked into the finale of dancing with the stars – i don’t mind the show at all but it’s for sure TV that you can toss on in the background while you take care of other things! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!