blanket’s mom is about to join the circus

blanket’s mom is about to join the circus

good morning everybody! this week’s STAR magazine is featuring the story i’ve barely written about here on popbytes … the whole jon and kate gosselin mess – i don’t know why these women are chasing after jon’s pudginess – he’s not cute plus he has eight kids … surely hailey glassman can do better than him (yet she’s not exactly a prize herself) although that whole scandal bores me to tears (read more on the rumored catfight) the top story did peak my curiosity … you know the biological mother of blanket (michael jackson‘s youngest son) is about to show up any day now to try to tell her story (whatever it might be) and add to the circus (with crazy ass ring leader joe jackson) that’s been surrounding mr. jackson since he suddenly passed away on june 25th! (i still can’t believe he really died) i’m sure her surrogacy with michael was governed by some kind of wacky contract – so i doubt she’ll be able to come after custody or money … but you know some magazine or TV show is totally ready to pay up to hear her side of the story! maybe she doesn’t really know much about anything but if girlfriend is hard up for a little cash – now would be her time to step forward! supposedly the picture in the top right corner is blanket’s mom (but really that could be a picture of anyone) i’d prefer for her to leave things alone but i just have this gut feeling she’s the next crazy character to enter the media spotlight! popbytes over & out for now … xoxo

It was one of the biggest mysteries of Michael Jackson’s life and has lingered since his sudden death — just who is the mother of his youngest child? Now, after weeks of investigation, sources tell Star in a world exclusive that Blanket’s mom is Pia Bhatti.

In our Aug. 3 issue we have the first photo of the one-time dental hygienist, who lives with her husband in a graffiti-riddled suburb of Oslo, Norway – miles from the glitz and glamour that surrounded the late singer – and refuses all requests for interviews. “Pia was sworn to secrecy about Blanket,” says one close Jackson source. “Michael always liked the mystique. He never wanted anyone to know the truth about any of his children.” SOURCE