beyonce & shakira – beautiful liar – video!

hey kids! here’s something to watch this afternoon – it’s the latest video for the new single beautiful liar from beyoncé featuring shakira…what does everyone think? (stay tuned ms. knowles is also premiering the video for upgrade u today!) popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

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  • wade

    Well, I have to say I LOVE IT! It is really really HOT! I mean what could you even expect… It’s Shakira and Beyonce! The second part of the video is WOW

  • this sucks

    this was very unoriginal and a piece of crap.

  • no…..

    I did not like it …..

  • Larry

    Shakira > Beyonce
    Shakira >>>> Beyonce

  • karen

    wow…i hope they do a live performance…that would be awesome!!

  • nancy

    i love it.this song is hot and they kind of look alike too. good job ladies

  • will sommeril

    I jut wannan say im a big fan of Beyone. I love all her songs, everything about her.I cant wait when she comeback to Colubus.

  • Bigthighs

    Why must ppl always hate, dammit!! The Video is a hot and the song is a banger, and whoever says its not is a big time hater, lol!!

  • alfredo

    wowww this was AWSSSOMEEEE i lovee ittt… i dont understand why getting out two singles at the same tame but i soooo much prefer this one than upgrade you… upgrade you is also reaaally great but i prefer this onee :P

  • Marie Smith

    I LIKE IT…Not something you would expect. Good job Beyonce!!

  • Smart & Careful

    Will our country ever stop worshipping sleezy women who look like strippers or hookers? Some have very little talent…look at how many have fallen from popularity over the years.

  • Smart & Careful

    Will our country ever stop worshipping sleezy women who look like strippers or hookers? Some have very little talent…look at how many have fallen from popularity over the years.

  • Jennie

    I hate shakira’s voice. But they did an amazing dance at the end of the video! It was beautiful, it made understand how men see some women. How in the end of the day we are just the same to them if they don’t give a damn about us. Just another girl to lay. So i like how they put them in almost a mirrorlike dance….it would have been amazing without shakira’s voice though, she’s a beautiful girl, but ahhh on the voice.

  • Anna

    I love the song and the video, Shakira and Beyonce did a great jod together is something different for both of them. SHAKIRA DID A GREAT JOD AND HER VOICE IS THE BEST!!! NO WONDER SHE IS SO SO SO SO SO POPULAR JUST LIKE BEYONCE.

  • Anonymous

    that was some bullshit.
    honestly the video sucked. i would have expected something much better from the both of them. it was too plain, expected and simple.

  • mariel angulo

    this is very nice i have two girl and they go to imitate to of this girls every talent show in theirs shool an this year this is the greata imitation\
    they are goin tp be bey nad shakira together in shool on april 19 im go to take a video i want to shakira and beyonce look this video please sign me to my e mail chicabratz3@hotmail. com my girls love this girls by i li this video is awsome.



  • Rosa

    Will our country ever stop worshipping sleezy women who look like strippers or hookers? Some have very little talent…look at how many have fallen from popularity over the years.
    » THIS COMMENT WAS POSTED BY Smart & Careful ON MARCH 1, 2007 7:27 PM
    Sorry, “smart & careful”, but you seem to be more like “dull & boring”. I hate to say this, but only catty women or ugly people would post such a comment as you did above. If you looked like either of those women, who do NOT look like strippers, you’d be flaunting it, too. I suspect you do not have these attributes. You’re a hater and probably pretty frumpy and DULL!

  • Viva Shakira!

    Shakira, once again is gorgeous!!!….beyonce is okay….no one can dance like Shakira….unfortunately i didn’t like the song, but since Shakira is in it she made it 100 times better if Beyonce was in it alone. Beyonce would never have been able to pull it off without her especially the dance moves…i wish she went back to her old style though and stop with the english songs…Ahuevo Shakira!

  • sandra

    kool song and video,too!i realy didn’t expect this:beyonce & shakira

  • Anonymous

    this video is so damn hot…i swear!! i wasn’t a big fan of beyonce because i thought she was pretty superficial and only concerned about looks; and to a degree i still feel that way. but but but, this videos is different and i do like it. i just hope she can continue producing quality work such as this and keep giving her fans this type of love.
    i’m out…1

  • http://MSN.COM LUPE & BIANCA

    I LOVE YOUR VIDEO BEYONCE & SHAKIRA BUT I MOST LIKED BEYONCE EVERY BODY DID SAY THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LIKE BEYONCE’S VOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOVE LUPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://MSN.COM LUPE & BIANCA

    I LOVE YOUR VIDEO BEYONCE & SHAKIRA BUT I MOST LIKED BEYONCE EVERY BODY DID SAY THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LIKE BEYONCE’S VOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOVE LUPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chaka moore

    I loved the video and the song. they both did a wonderful job, it was very entertaining to see them dance together looking beautiful as ever. I keep watching the video to learn the words to the song and the dance steps. They make me want to start my diet again and keep at it.

  • joseph


  • Ashley

    dis wuz AWESOME!!! dey realy do look alike tho…but it wuz AWEWOME!!

  • dell

    I love the song and video. I think Shakira is awesome and like all her stuff!! I also think she’s a great dancer!

  • miss breezy78

    Diz video iz da bomb n I lik da song I luv beyonce i am her biggest fan n all the songz she makez be alrite so i give dis song a ten (topz)

  • haz

    i love the song boy aint these the sex godesses ever made?! a live show will sell more than the video.

  • @N@M@T!0N


  • kim

    The shit was off the chain. They doing they thang.It was hot and original and they pulled it off.

  • fabulosity

    LOVED IT!!

  • Santino Robinson

    Beyonce you must hear this a lot buti am one of your top fans this is one of your work ever. I luvvv it ,i luvvv it, i luvvv it, i luvvvvvv it, and tell Shakira i LLLLUUUUUVVVVVV her. NUFF LUV ,BIGUP, AND ONE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    i like it’s sexiieEe!

  • what a waste

    It is a shame when intentions are there but the product just doesn’t live up to its potential. I think both Shakira and Beyonce have great talents in their own rights, but i found this flat and unexciting. There was nothing overly creative in either the song or the video. I can’t say that I hated or loved the video or the song. It was disappointing that two great woman such as these two could come up with something so dull and overdone. Where was all the dancing that they are both capable of?

  • http://http cherry

    I love the video and the song.The words u can say is reality,there are beautiful liars in the world,so that song goes 2 them. I love it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. Beyonce and Skakira you guys were GREAT.

  • hater

    This video was terrible…yes they both look amazing but, common they could have put a little effert into this video. I was expecting soo much more. When you put two talented women like this in one song the video should have had a plot or something. Its soft porn basically!

  • plp go die

    its a realy realy kool song and i realy like it

  • strawberry

    i hate this video it had no plot or anything it was horible and kinda boring. Shakira is a better dancer and the video would have been better without beyonce. Shakira’s moves are natural beyonce was just tryin too hard but Love u shakira

  • Anonymous

    The best video out there!!!!!

  • sally

    great song, video could’ve been better, obvs. love the dancing, though, clearly an homage to shakira’s middle eastern roots. wish there were more!

  • ML

    So sick of seeing these supposed musicians gyrating overly and then gyrating some more. I love belly dance- but this is some silly crap. This is like belly dance meets stripper- perfect for the MTV generation.

  • Claudia Buenevista

    I really love these two wonderful ladies.Gurls keep bringing more of this.

  • readout

    THe best of both worlds..
    There ain’t nothing better. Everytime I watch this video, my jaw is open at the end of the song. Crazy sexy, even if the song kind of sucks.

  • Imari Jones

    OH MY GOD, i’m the #1 fan of Beyonce’. This video is so hot. they look alike as well. i hope they do a live performance as well. GOOD JOB LADIES.

  • WhatEveryoneElseIsThinking

    Holy. Shit.

  • jade

    just there!!!1 alot of hip twisting but wit d coming together of beyonce and shakira wat do u expect??? maybe beyonce wanted the world to see that she can twist it just like shakira hence d collaboration

  • Shantell

    It was okay. Nothing fantastic. I think it would have been better if Shakira did the video alone. Beyonce is beautiful, but she just can’t do everything. They try to market her on everything because she is hot. But Shakira would have done much better alone.

  • Rae ray

    who eva say da video sucks dey jus hatin cus dey no dey cnt dance n sing like shakira or beyonce

  • Anonymous

    i don’t know if your show is so slow but i am sick and tired of waiting for this video to be completed…I don’t know very good english so…
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    Nikol 14

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  • Arielle Fuentes

    I loved it!!!!!!!I see your music videos all of the time i am a big fan of SHAKIRA i love the way she moves her hips i practice dancing like her to.When i grow up i want to be just like Shakira.P.S this goes to some of the fans out there that said this music video is crap weel you know what you people are pieces of crap OK!!!!!! Yall dont know what music is .Well bye Shakira and Beyonce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!