beyonce – dreamgirls – one night only!

beyonce – dreamgirls – one night only!
August 2, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

many special thanks to our dear popmuse (another fellow awesome hollywood blogger) who posted beyonce doing what she does best for dreamgirls with a remix of one night only yesterday! i do fear (along with my friend rick) that with the bill condon directed movie about six months away we could grow tired of all this ‘dreamgirls’ madness but i doubt that could happen – this is just a small exciting & promising sneak peek of hopefully the very good things to come! i can’t wait to hear jennifer hudson singing you’re gonna love me – that should be so fierce! (not sure about eddie murphy singing though…) in addition to the hotness from mr. popmuse – thanks to a fab dreamgirls blog we also have the unremixed version…and with this track ms. beyonce makes up for her whole ‘deja vu’ snafu! popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo

» listen to beyonce doing one night only – remix version (.mp3 11.9mb)

» listen to beyonce doing one night only – extended version (.mp3 5.4mb)