YAY! Betty White is getting a book deal!

YAY! Betty White is getting a book deal!
August 19, 2010 JEREMY FEIST

Let’s just file this one under “Well it’s about fucking time”: Betty White is getting a two-book deal by the sole virtue of her being goddamn awesome as hell. Hey, if Speidi can get their own book for being infamous without actually doing anything, or That Tequila Bitch can write one about being a whore, or Paris Hilton can write one about smuggling blood diamonds up your vagina … sorry, where was I going with this again? Oh, yeah, FUCK YEAH BETTY WHITE!

A calendar, a revived movie and TV career, awards, accolades, the love of the public – and now, she’s about to be bound. Twice.Betty White has closed a deal with the New York publishing house of G.P. Putnam’s Sons to write two books: a wisecracking self-help volume and a tale of her life with her animal friends, reports USA Today. SOURCE

Yeah, I’m not even gonna lie: I’m already looking to place my pre-order. Oh hells to the yeah, I’m going to read the shit outta these books. I’m gonna read them alllllll night loooooong.

… Yeah, I’m going to fuck this book.