March 14, 2004 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

gosh i hope you all saw SNL last night – it was one of the best i have ever seen – and i was wondering if that woman would come up – and she did right in the opening monologue where ben used on the term bennifer – it was hilarious – i love when people make fun of themselves and good sports about things – the night also included a great skit on GIGLI – AND on the news they mnetioned the SALEM SERIAL KILLER on DAYS OF OUR LIVES – and then kelly ripa shows up in a hilarious “commercial” about the crazy things that go on in thailand – what happens in thailand – stays in thailand – oh gosh this was SNL bliss! next week is a repeat – but following on apr 3 is trump as host – and hold onto your hats folks – JANET JACKSON will be the host and musical guest – doing the whole double duty thing – lets just keep her tit hidden – its that tit that has this whole FCC – censorship – 20 sec delays – craziness going on – so thanks janet! i love ya honey – but come on watch yrself!

the 20/20 interview with rosie’s wife – kelli carpenter – was GREAT – i like her so much better than RO – who i had meet yrs ago – at a benefit in nyc – and honestly she wasn’t warm – but gosh she did good with kelli – eloquent – smart – and quite attractive!

two new shows to be watching this week – will post more soon – but CRACKING UP and WONDERFALLS both on FOX – are truely new amazing shows – really funny – and a little bit of envelope pushing going on – CRACKING UP stars jason schwartzman of RUSHMORE fame – and the delectible MOLLY SHANNON – all this whipped up by the brilliant talents of MIKE WHITE – if you all have never seen CHUCK & BUCK – go rent this now! more laters…

PS a special on VH1 tonight at 9 on fleetwood mac – of course with popbytes hall of famer stevie nicks – we love stevie – we love stevie….