before they had stylists…

before they had stylists…
January 2, 2008 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

good morning y’all! as per usual i’ve got the latest cover of STAR magazine which is featuring a fun story all about celebrities – before they had stylists! just look at brad pitt as ‘hippy dippy’ and angelina jolie as ‘frumpy dumpy’ – they’ve both come a long way but there was for sure something cute about mr. pitt when he looked like a stoned surfer dude! david beckham and wife victoria sure came a long way too – she’s definitely had some ‘major’ work – and i’m not talking about just styling! we’ve also got ‘vintage’ looks being modeled by eva longoria and jessica simpson who are both wearing outfits that i hope have been burned by now – they’re both totally awful – i can’t decide which one is worse! (i’m not sure who the lady in the lower right corner is – she looks familiar but this morning i’m drawing a blank – anybody want to take a guess?)

there’s two gossip stories at the top – nicole richie and her last minute panic over her baby – i do hope everything turns out ok for her and boyfriend & baby daddy joel madden – the magazine has been harping on the fact her pregnancy seems to be troubled ever since she got knocked up – i suppose in a few weeks we’ll be seeing pictures of mommy nicole and her little one – my fingers are crossed that the baby is 100% healthy! then there’s jamie lynn spears who they’re claiming has moved in with her big sister britney spears – gosh i certainly hope not – that’s the last thing jamie lynn needs right now to be wrapped up in all of brit’s messy dramatics & craziness! although it is a new year i doubt that’s going to stop trainwreck britney anytime soon from acting wacky! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!