bananarama – new video!

bananarama – new video!
August 24, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey kiddies! it’s wednesday – phew – and i thought to share something new and sassy with you – from something we all used to love – bananarama – you all remember venus, cruel summer, & i heard a rumour – and now they are back – the band formed in london circa 1981 – they did lose some band members along the way (siobahn fahey left in 1988 to form ‘shakespeare’s sister’ (their song ‘stay’ rocks) and jacquie o’sullivan left in 1991 – let’s hope she is ok!) – but the remaining gals (sara dallin & keren woodward) still got it – their new single move in my direction has been burning up the dance charts in the UK since its july release – and i have linked the video below – check it out – i love it & i’m just trying to spread the good word! oh that bananarama – popbytes out for now! enjoy!

» watch ‘move in my direction’ (real player – 11.2mb)

‘move in my directon’ – a slice of gorgeous glitterball disco-house dipped in lush vibes and electro flavoured, it’s the perfect summer soundtrack. Co-written and produced by Mute 8 from the famous Murlyn camp…Totally modern, totally pop, totally Bananarama!