Bad Role Models: Miley Cyrus and Chris Brown?

Bad Role Models: Miley Cyrus and Chris Brown?
June 18, 2013 JEREMY FEIST

Miley Cyrus

Despite the fact that it has literally nothing to do with anything their website does, CouponCodes4u did a poll on which celebrities parents think are bad role models. Shockingly, Chris Brown topped the list for men while Miley Cyrus topped the list for woman. So there you go. Being a sexually confidant woman is roughly equivalent to beating your girlfriend with a car door. Via NY Daily News

Cyrus, 19, earned the disdain of 68% of parents in the survey after a stretch where she ditched her squeaky-clean Hannah Montana image with increasingly risque stage performances and attire. Lohan finished with a 65% un popularity rating.

Reality star Kim Kardashian (63%), with a brand new baby of her own to influence, finished third, just ahead of gossip tabloid regular Amanda Bynes (61%). Former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham (59%) finished fifth, buoyed by her sex tape.

Among male celebrities, Chris Brown (71%), who was arrested in 2009 for a vicious beatdown of his on-again, off-again girlfriend Rihanna, easily topped the list. Finishing in second place was rapper Kanye West (67%).

Though Justin Bieber (65%) finished as the third-worst male celebrity role model on the list, the 19-year-old shows promise for a higher ranking in future polls with a spate of reckless-driving allegations, rumors of pot use and wild partying.

You have to love how all the males on the list are on here because they’re reckless, egotistical and violent while the worst female role model is on here because she cut off her hair, smoked weed and twerks. Seriously you guys see this right? Because I’m pretty sure this is what is known as “some gawddamn bullsh!t.”

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