Azealia Banks isn’t quitting the game

Azealia Banks isn’t quitting the game
June 12, 2012 JEREMY FEIST
Azealia Banks

A couple days ago, Azealia Banks deleted her Twitter, and vented on her Tumblr about how annoyed she was with rap blogs before claiming she didn’t want to be a rap artist any more. Cue the mild heart attack, because at this point she’s one of the few consistently great rap artists out there, and the fact that she would quit after only one amazing EP makes me sad. But fret not: Turns out she’s not quitting, and the whole thing was just one big rant out of frustration. Phew. Female First reports:

Banks writes, “Don’t let the stupid rap blogs tell u i’ve stopped rapping… cause i haven’t.. i’m still here… “I’m a Young Black American Woman in 2012.

“I’m a 21-yr-old millionaire.i don’t have to prove myself to anyone… I’ve already paid my dues.

“I and the generations of women who came before me have been through enough stress and c**p to warrant me (the new generation) a very illustrious, lucrative, luxurious, Stress-Free career and life.

“And just that’s it! Azealia Banks just wants to be free! free from social media… free from the rap game… free from the haters, and free from the ignorance!”

Thank heaavens she didn’t quit, because honestly? I need more of Ms. Banks. I bought 1991 the other day and if it’s possible to wear out the groove on an MP4, I think I might be doing it. It’s amazing, and I love the way she’s pretty much single-handedly bringing back Ball culture. Keep doing your thing, Azealia!

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Azealia Banks