Azealia Banks thinks Lady Gaga stole one of her songs

Azealia Banks thinks Lady Gaga stole one of her songs
September 18, 2013 JEREMY FEIST

Azealia Banks

Back when ARTPOP was first announced, Azealia Banks was reportedly going to be collaborating on a track with Lady Gaga. And then Azealia decided that she was going to get in another feud because that’s literally half her career right there, and Gaga dropped her. Well, Azealia is apparently taking this about as well as you think he would, because now she’s accusing Gaga of stealing a song from her.



In the blue corner, we have a woman who single-handedly tanked a once promising music career thanks to an anger problem and an inability to stop herself from using Twitter to burn every bridge she had. In the red corner, we have an emotionally fragile pop star whose allergy to criticism and negativity belies the fact that she can’t see her own penchant for casual cruelty. Two musicians enter, but who the f**k cares? They’re both being asses, and now they’re just seeing who can be the bigger ass.

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