Courtney Stodden got kicked out of the pumpkin patch!

UPDATE: Hear what Courtney and Doug have to say about getting kicked out of the pumpkin patch! Because Jeremy Feist can't have all the fun ... even though I don't live in California, I'm very familiar with the pumpkin patches in Los Angeles that open up around this time of year. It's the place where "famous" people on the D-list and lower take their kids for a seasonal photo op. Not one to pass up a chance to act like a giant whore in public MORE

Hilary Duff is having a baby boy!

Hilary Duff and Ellen DeGeneres

Hilary Duff sat down with Ellen DeGeneres to chat about life and how fabulous it is to be pregnant with NHL star Mike Comrie's kid. The actress / singer / designer / author / hockey wife revealed she's having a boy on The Ellen Show today. Aside from being pretty down to earth and respectable, (seriously, how many times have you seen her on this site? Exactly.) she really seems to be keeping her shit together. Probably my favourite part of the MORE

Madonna’s love letter to hydrangeas …


Madonna has continued to fan the flames of what should now be a non-issue. She made a short video (which she's calling a love letter) about her feelings on hydrangeas, which in case you didn't know she absolutely loathes. Now, while I do agree with the "It's a free country, I can like whatever I want" message, Madonna seems to be clearly missing the point of why this became a thing to begin with. First, she was given a gift and she acted like an MORE

Bert and Ernie: Asexual best friends forever!

Bert & Ernie

This just in! In an official statement released on Facebook, Sesame Workshop has officially addressed what everyone has always talked about with hushed whispers and under the cover of darkness. Bert and Ernie are not gay! Or straight! They are asexual puppets. That's a let down! Sesame Street has always been a progressive and forward thinking show, especially for children. The show has dealt with a multitude of social issues, including (but not MORE

Kelly Rowland / Nicki Minaj: Nipple slips!

Kelly Rowland & Nicki Minaj

It's been a big week for celebrity boobs. Here's a little trade secret, every time there's a nipple slip, it's like a gift to bloggers from the little baby Jesus all the way in heaven. This week is like having your birthday and Christmas all rolled into one. Two singers have both had their boobies shown to the world, and it's awesome. While performing at a club in New Jersey, Kelly Rowland showed more than she intended. Probably. Honestly, taking MORE

John Stamos is hotter than ever!

John Stamos

John Stamos, who accurately calls himself the most handsome man you can think of off the top of your head, is aging like a fine wine. Honestly, this guy has gotten so much hotter than his Uncle Jesse days on Full House. He's made a video detailing his smooth bedroom moves for winning over the ladies. John (he and I are on a first name basis) looks longingly into the camera and describes the sure fire ways to master the cuddle by outlining his MORE

Will ‘Yoü and I’ be a hit for Lady Gaga?

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga's new single Yoü and I (produced by Robert John ‘Mutt’ Lange) happens to be my favourite track off her latest album, Born This Way. She recently tweeted the artwork for the single and thank whatever deity you choose, Buddha, Allah, Jebus, Flying Spaghetti Monster, or what-have-you that the cover is WAY better than the holly-hobby PhotoShop art for the album. Returning as her drag alter-ego, Jo Calderone, Gaga is looking quite good, MORE

Roseanne for President?


Funny lady Roseanne recently made a stop over at The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to announce she has decided to run in 2012 for President of the United States of America (while promoting her new reality show about running a macadamia nut farm down in Hawaii). In her obviously well thought out plan, she's decided that the tax payers will be her Vice President. Bitch, what? We all know Roseanne is a double scoop of the cray-cray, but her need for MORE

Jason Bateman says ‘The Change-Up’ is crap!


Apparently The Change-Up is crap. Those aren’t my words, that’s right from one of the movie’s stars, Jason Bateman. Although I haven’t seen the movie and have no plans to, I can see how he’d say that. It’s basically a maned up version of Freaky Friday, except with a lot less of Lindsay Lohan and way more delicious Ryan Reynolds. When he stopped by The Daily Show to talk-up his latest film, The Change-Up, the actor had some MORE

Heather Mills really wants us to remember she’s alive!

Heather Mills

Proving herself to be the HPV of the celebrity world, Heather Mills is squawking up about how her voicemail was hacked by the Daily Mirror more than ten years ago. TEN YEARS PEOPLE! Way to strike while the iron's hot on that one. To add 'credibility' (and I use the word loosely) to her story, she's name dropping Piers Morgan who was the editor of the now defunct paper at the time. Here's the twist: Piers openly admitted that he listened to the MORE

Amy Winehouse has passed away at age 27

Amy Winehouse

Singer Amy Winehouse is dead at age 27. I don’t think that’s a surprising statement - that it happened sooner rather than later. She had immense talent, but in the later stage of her life she was clearly not sober. It may seem like I’m being insensitive to her passing, but my thoughts truly go out to her family and loved ones. What I am saying is that when someone is an addict, which there’s no arguing - she was, it isn’t surprising MORE

Beginners: Now in theaters!


While in Los Angeles a few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending an advance screening of Beginners, directed by Mike Mills and starring Ewan McGregor, Christopher Plummer and Mélanie Laurent. Don’t worry, there’s no spoilers in here ... everything I mention is explained within the first few minutes of the movie. The film follows the life of Oliver (McGregor) after two fairly large life occurrences, the death of his elderly (and MORE

Raja wins ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ (of course!)

Raja - RuPaul's Drag Race

America’s next drag superstar is … the one who should have won, Raja (totally not your mama's drag queen) took the crown on RuPaul’s Drag Race (airing on LOGO), the reality drag competition's third season. The show has a history of crowning drag queens who’ve purely rested on pretty and have been devoid of any real personality. Finally, a ladyboy who’s pretty AND has talent won, hallelujah! The final three hopefuls came down to MORE

Listen: Britney Spears’ Till the World Ends Remix

Till the World Ends Remix

Here's even more fun with Britney Spears' hit dance single Till the World Ends ... first there was the music video, then the much better dancier one and now this hot remix (featuring tour mate Miss Nicki Minaj with a bonus helping of the song's writer, Ke$ha) which is REALLY good. I pinky promise. Britney says that the original is “sicker than the remix,” but you know what? I’m gonna have to challenge her on that now that I’ve heard MORE