Kris Jenner also wants your attention too!

Kris Jenner

Sensing that her daughter Kim Kardashian is facing tons of negative press, and that all that attention should be going to herself (HOW DARE SHE!) Kris Jenner decided that the time is right to promote her new memoir Kris Jenner ... and All Things Kardashian by capitalizing on the Nicole Brown Simpson / Ronald Goldman murder and how she could have stopped it all herself. See? All Kardashians are terrible people! Not just a select few! RadarOnline MORE

The continuing saga of Scarlett Johansson’s boobs and bum

Scarlett Johansson

I know, I know, another post about Scarlett Johansson's boobs and bum. But hey, considering how much you guys seem to love this (no really, the page-views on just one of these posts alone could pay my rent) we're going to keep talking about them until they sag down to the floor. Anyway, in a new interview with Vanity Fair, Scarlett revealed that the pictures were originally meant for Ryan Reynolds' eyes only. For some reason, the little "for MORE

Kim Kardashian’s wedding was a hoax?

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

Okay, huge shocker here, but it turns out that Kim Kardashian's wedding to Kris Humphries may have been ... a complete fake! DUN DUN DUN! *Thunder clap* Yeah, I know. Who would have thought that the wedding between the famewhore who does nothing and the random athlete she only knew for a couple months that they filmed and distributed for a total profit of something like $18 Million was all just a scam meant to squeeze money out of the dumbest MORE

Lindsay Lohan has no love from the morgue!

Lindsay Lohan

It's already been established that Lindsay Lohan will be in court tomorrow to face charges of violating her probation, and she's decided that she's going to concede that she did actually violate her probation. Apparently, one major part of Lindsay's plan was that she was going to be using a letter of recommendation from the LA county morgue to help her case and get less jail time. Except whoops! Turns out they hate her, so it looks like they MORE

Confirmed: Jessica Simpson is pregnant!

Jessica Simpson

As we all know, the world stopped spinning yet nothing happened following the massive, ground-breaking news concerning the impending divorce of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries (after just 72 days of wedded bliss), a fate that no one saw coming except for everyone who knew it was a sham wedding. So basically: everyone. Anyway, that's why Jessica Simpson had to wait until this morning to break the news that she was pregnant, even though she MORE

Taylor Swift’s nude photo scandal!

Taylor Swift

Did you know things happened today that didn't involve celebrities dressed as other people or Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries divorcing because Kim is a rampant fame-addict who would do anyone or anything ... actually, just anyone. Yeah, let's stick with that. Anyway, there was also some sort of kerfuffle over Taylor Swift's boobies today, after gossip blog Celeb Jihad posted what looked like but are in no way actually pictures of Taylor MORE

The celebrity Halloween costume round-up!

Kim Kardashian as Poison Ivy

I have two options here: I can either inundate you all with post after post of celebrities dressed up as specialty themed sluts, as opposed to their normal slut-garb, or I can condense them all into one major super post so that you can get all your celebrity dress-up fun in one easy to swallow single-serving post. See how much easier that is? Let's get started: Kim Kardashian dressed up as Batman's Poison Ivy, because much like actual MORE

Lindsay Lohan is ready to face the judge!

Lindsay Lohan

Oh my gosh, it finally might be happening: Lindsay Lohan may finally, really, ACTUALLY be going to jail. It turns out that Lindsay is "serious" about her probation now (we'll see how long that lasts) and she reportedly will concede she violated her probation and just get her punishment out of the way. Except hold on a second, last time Judge Stephanie Saunter said that if she ruled that Lindsay did violate her probation, she'd be going to jail. MORE

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are divorcing!

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

Hey, remember all those times I joked about how it was only a matter of time before we were all watching Kim's Fairytale Divorce because Kim Kardashian faked love and sold out her marriage for attention and money because she is literally the most terrible human being in pop culture? Well HA! I was right. Only 72 days after she got fake-married-for-the-publicity, she and Kris Humphries are divorcing and citing irreconcilable differences, which I'm MORE

Heidi Montag is writing an autobiography!

Heidi Montag

A couple years ago, Heidi Montag wrote a book with Spencer Pratt, which was about as well-received as a letter full of anthrax. Of course, Heidi Montag hasn't learned anything from that, because she's decided that she's going to dig herself out of the bottomless grave of debt she put herself in by writing an autobiography. I hope she knows that being able to spell out her own name on the "fridgerator" using letter magnets does not constitute MORE

Courtney Stodden’s Halloween jailbait costume!

It's Halloween today, which means that it is your duty to take a normal, every day costume and make it sluttier. Which isn't that hard because when it comes to couture, "sluttier" is synonymous with "a couple inches shorter with a deeper neckline". Ta-da! Costume solved. Anyway, Courtney Stodden I guess decided to dress as a slutty version of herself, because she doesn't know what the word "redundant" means. Oh, and Doug Hutchison did the same MORE

Guess which pumpkin slut Patton Oswalt ran into?

Patton Oswalt/Pheobe Price

Super fun pop quiz time! If you've been on the Internet in the past few hours you've probably heard this one, but for those who haven't, here's your quiz: Patton Oswalt went to a pumpkin patch recently with his family, and a certain skanky famewhore was there posing for the paparazzi she paid to tag along with her because that's the only reason people care about her. Patton tweeted the whole thing and completely destroyed her, because that's just MORE

Melissa McCarthy channels Divine!

Melissa McCarthy as Divine

You know what happens when you take funny lady Melissa McCarthy, dress her up as legendary drag queen and director John Waters' cinematic muse Divine, then get her into a photoshoot with Pandora Boxx and Mimi Imfurst? Magic. Magic happens. And that's what Entertainment Weekly decided to do with their upcoming comedy issue, because SURPRISE! There is a God. Bridesmaids, Mike & Molly, and a winning SNL gig have turned Melissa McCarthy MORE

PETA is still upset over Gaga’s meat dress!

Lady Gaga's Meat Dress

Hey, you know that meat dress Lady Gaga wore once? Like, a year ago? Well, PETA must have nothing better to do and all the good little animals must be safe because they're back to their famewhoring ways again, demanding that Gaga make a dress made of lettuce because that's how "art" works: Basically, you just say what you want, the artist makes it and then you all pretend there's a message in this aside from "people are morons." RadarOnline MORE