Nancy Grace let another one slip …

Nancy Grace

Well, I think we found this season's Bristol Palin. Nancy Grace used last night's episode of Dancing With The Stars to embarrass herself further by letting another one slip last night. Only instead of a boob, this time she allegedly ripped a huge fart on camera and holy crap this is simultaneously the grossest and funniest thing ever. Here's TMZ with the toot: BREAKING WIND NEWS -- Nancy Grace claims she's been FRAMED in the Dancing with the MORE

Cher wants to dropkick the Kardashians?

Cher and the Kardashian sisters

Oh Cher ... Cher Cher Cher ... what are we going to do with you? Your Twitter feed is just the most delightful, typo-ridden stream of consciousness I've ever seen, and I love you for it. Anyway, our darling diva sat through an episode of Bridezillas and tweeted about her disdain for the reality show, if you've seen the show you know what she's talking about. Unfortunately, a mix of crossed-wires and poor sentence structure ended up making it MORE

Are Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler back together?

Jay Cutler, Kristin Cavallari and Mark Ballas

Because two exes can't be in the same room together without completely forgetting why it is they broke up in the first place (hint: It's because they hate each other) Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler are rumored to be back together after Jay was spotted cheering her on during a taping of Dancing with the Stars. Because apparently, Jay has as much backbone as he does chin. Access Hollywood reports: “On the first night, you were talking about MORE

Ke$ha gave Andrew W.K. an infection!

Ke$ha and Andrew W.K.

In the absolute least surprising news ever, Andrew W.K. (remember him? He was that PARTY HARD PARTY HARD PARTY HARD guy. Aaaaaaand now you have that song stuck in your head. You're welcome!) was hanging out with Ke$ha recently, and he ended up walking away with an infection that required a trip to the hospital. But here's the shocking twist: It wasn't an STI. Turns out, Ke$ha decided to tattoo him and the dumb bitch didn't use a clean needle. MORE

Rihanna’s favorite dirty word is …


Chances are, you've probably seen at least one picture of Rihanna wearing her signature "cunt" necklace around, either in church or around kids (both of those pictures exist, and they're absolutely amazing). But it turns out, cunt might actually be RiRi's favorite word ever, to the point where she calls everyone cunt because apparently the word has different connotations in her native Barbados. Us Weekly reports: The 23-year-old appears on the MORE

Thomas Jane was a gay hooker?

Thomas Jane

Thomas Jane, the hunky star of the HBO series Hung (and ex-husband of Patricia Arquette), decided to clear the air concerning him not really being the most tact guy when it comes to gay issues by talking to the L.A. Times recently, where he admitted among other things that he used to hook it when he first moved to Los Angeles. Apparently, for sandwiches or something. Honestly, I'm a little confused as to how a trip to Subway fits into all of this MORE

Adele is recording the next James Bond song!


So remember when the video for Adele's Rolling In The Deep first came out, and MK said that she should totally record the next James Bond theme? Well, guess what? She's recording the next Bond theme! Hell, I'm just glad they didn't try to use Chris Cornell again, because ... yuck. Contact Music reports: The Someone Like You singer is preparing to go into the studio to record the track, which she wrote during a recent week off touring, and will MORE

Martha Stewart’s daughter is ready to tell all!

Martha and Alexis Stewart

Because it's pretty much gotten to the point where you can't even be in the same elevator as a d-list celebrity without having to write a tell-all book about how they farted, Martha Stewart's daughter Alexis Stewart is now writing a memoir about life with her infamous mother. Spoiler alert! It turns out Martha is batshit crazy and demands absolute perfection from everyone around her, an esoteric fact known only by Martha, her family, and MORE

Justin Bieber lost his swagger coach!

Justin Bieber and Ryan Good

Did you know Justin Bieber had a swagger coach? A freakin' SWAGGER COACH. Someone on hand at all times to make sure Bieber acted in the most cool and marketable way at all times. Just in case it hasn't dawned on you that Justin stopped being a person and started being a product the moment his Mom started pimping him out on Youtube. How sad is that? Well it looks like Justin's swagger coach Ryan Good has decided that it's time for his baby bird to MORE

Russell Brand was banned from Canada?

Russell Brand

So Russell Brand was slated to perform a show at Casino Rama here in Ontario because people in casinos are morons and will spend money on just about anything. Anyway, he was forced to cancel the gig after tweeting about how he wasn't allowed into Canada, which puts him roughly on par with Caligula and any Michael Lucas movie involving piss. I never really thought I would compare those three things either, yet here we are. Anyway, it turns out MORE

Tupac Shakur’s sex tape sees the light of day!

Tupac Shakur

So another Tupac Shakur tape has been released almost twenty years after the fact, except unlike the last bajillion times this has happened (seriously, did this guy have some sort of bunker filled with awesome shit to be released after his death?) this tape is of the sex variety. No seriously, it's a Tupac sex tape. And he also raps an unreleased song, so it has literally everything. Your move, Winehouse. TMZ reports: The tape, shot in 1991, MORE


Arrested Development

Normally, I try not to use anymore than one exclamation mark (or none. I like none.) but news like this needs ALL THE EXCLAMATION MARKS! And capital letters. SO MANY CAPS. Anyway, in anticipation for the Arrested Development movie (which is finally a thing, thank heavens) a 4th season of the show will make its way onto the airwaves, possibly on Showtime. Marry me. Access Hollywood reports: At an Arrested Development reunion Sunday at the New MORE

James Marsden is getting a divorce

James Marsden and Lisa Linde

So hottie James Marsden is back on the market after his wife, Lisa Linde, filed for divorce last month on September 23rd citing irreconcilable differences. Aaaaannnd ... um, well ... crap. The only thing I remember him from is the X-Men films, as well as Enchanted and Hop, so unless the divorce involves laser eyes, Easter bunnies or singing gay princes, I don't have a lot to go on. TMZ reports: Lisa Linde cited irreconcilable differences. MORE

Tara Reid is raking in the money!

Tara Reid

After executives at Universal sat down and realized that they just can't throw Eugene Levy in a teen sex comedy and call it an American Pie movie, they came up with American Reunion, because holy crap Hollywood has completely run out of ideas! Anyway, the salaries of the film's actors have leaked to The Hollywood Reporter, and by the sound of it, perpetual lady of mess Tara Reid is doing really well. By which I mean she's earning less money than MORE