Kellan Lutz loves his gay fans!

Kellan Lutz

Oh Kellan Lutz... We've really made no secret of our fondness for Kellan here on PopBytes, nor do we have any intention of doing so in the near future. Anyway, in a new interview with The Advocate, Kellan talked about how he loves hugging his gay fans and how he likes it when they hit on him. IT'S LIKE HE'S TALKING DIRECTLY TO ME! Oh, they’re the best. I love them. When I meet gay fans out and about, they’re so great to talk to — and MORE

Lindsay Lohan’s probation got revoked!

Lindsay Lohan

Well, holy shit, this might be getting us somewhere: Judge Saunter heard Lindsay Lohan's case as to why she hasn't completed any of her community service, why she got fired, and how she could look people in the eye and say that the real volunteers were meanies and that working with abused woman wasn't "fulfilling" enough for her, and has decided to revoke Lindsay's probation, pending a hearing November 2nd. So we can all look forward to Lindsay MORE

Chord Overstreet: Coming back to ‘Glee’?

Chord Overstreet

In the never-ending saga that is Chord Overstreet's firing-rehiring-quitting of Glee, it seems like today Chord threw a dart at his magical dartboard of employment and it landed on "rehiring", so we can all look forward to the return of Sam to McKinley High a little later this season. And a couple episodes after that, we can all look forward to him getting fired, but not really, and then he quits before coming back an episode later. It makes MORE

Lindsay Lohan donated $50,000 to charity?

Lindsay Lohan

So today, Lindsay Lohan has to go to court to explain how it wasn't her complete lack of work ethic that got her kicked out of community service, but those super mean volunteers who were helping out a woman's shelter. So Lindsay has decided to finally buckle down and focus on getting her life back on track. Or she's just going to write a check to a charity and use that as goodwill to keep herself out of jail because you can, in fact, throw money MORE

‘Jersey Shore’ couple Ronnie and Sammi call it quits!

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Sammi Giancola

All right, so last night I finally caved and started watching the new season of Jersey Shore, having never actually really watched an episode before, because since FOX decided to put all the shows we actually care about on hiatus in exchange for men on steroids hitting balls with sticks, my general range of television has become decidedly limited. Anyway, after a couple episodes, I finally realized why everyone hates Sammi: because she's a MORE

Here’s Justin Bieber’s first Christmas song …

Justin Bieber - Mistletoe

All right, fiiiiiiiiine. I'll admit it: Justin Bieber's new single, Mistletoe, the first single off his Christmas album ... is not terrible. It's actually okay. It sounds a little like Jason Mraz. Congratulations, you have found my Achilles heel: I cannot say no to Christmas music. Even if the video does feature some pretty blatant product placement and use of the word "shawty". Does anyone actually use that word in real life? Anyway, here's the MORE

Selena Gomez got more death threats!

Selena Gomez

I really do feel bad for Selena Gomez. As far as I can tell, she seems like a perfectly sweet girl, she has talent, and she doesn't spend all her time clubbing for diving face first into piles of coke. And yet for some reason she gets death threats the way most people get poked on Facebook. This time, however, Selena was targeted by a crazy person who insisted that God (read: delusions of theological grandeur brought on by mental health issues) MORE

Barack Obama hates the Kardashians!

Khloe, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian

I'm not gonna lie: originally, I pegged today as a slow news day, meant to allow everyone to rest up for tomorrow when we all get to devolve into a mass of hysteria as we watch Lindsay Lohan traipse in and out of court with no punishment for her actions. But then this gem descended from upon high and lo, I knew it to be His work. In an interview with iVillage, Michelle Obama said in no real uncertain terms that Barack Obama hates the Kardashians MORE

Soulja Boy got arrested!

Soulja Boy

Before I go into this, let me just say: HA HA! And also that the criminalization of marijuana to the point where you can get arrested for possession is kind of insane when you consider that among the many, many things you can put in your body, weed is probably one of the least harmful. Hell, Big Macs are probably worse for you in the long run than weed, but that didn't stop police from arresting Soulja Boy for possession with intent to sell. TMZ MORE

Demi and Ashton weren’t legally married?

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore

So as Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore sit on the toledo deck of the Titanic, waiting for the last possible moment to jump the sinking ship that is their marriage, well ... it turns out the ship might not even exist, because a lawsuit is alleging that Demi and Ashton might not legally be married, and may have just gone through with the ceremony because People would pay $2 Million for pictures of a celebrity dog wedding. They're that easy. Via MORE

Shia LaBeouf got knocked out!

Shia LaBeouf

So Shia LaBeouf was up here in Canada (specifically, Vancouver) filming what I'm just going to go ahead and assume will be an awful movie because let's face it, all of his movies are awful, when he decided he was going to go ahead and get drunk on our superior Canadian beer. Sorry Americans, but we have more alcohol in our beer. We win this battle. Anyway, Shia got shitty drunk, got into a fight with someone, and then got knocked the hell out in MORE

RuPaul is now trolling Courtney Stodden!

Courtney Stodden and RuPaul

Have I ever mentioned I love RuPaul? Because I totally do. I love her. And just when I thought my love for her couldn't grow any stronger, she went ahead and trolled Courtney Stodden on Twitter, and of course, the teenage prostitard totally bought it. HA! Classic. @Rupaul: Dear @CourtneyStodden, I ask that U guide my thoughts, my feelings & my perceptions AMEN @CourtneyStodden: @RuPaul Mmm... I understand you - & YOU are Beautiful! MORE

Miley Cyrus is really easy to hack!

Miley Cyrus

Yeah, remember how Miley Cyrus' email got hacked, and then a slew of racy but blessedly non-nude pictures flooded the web? Yeah, it turns out literally anyone could have leaked those, because in an email to TMZ, the hacker of Miley's email account basically said that the only thing he needed to get into it was a quick Google search for Miley's friends. That's it! A man who has been contacting TMZ for nearly two years -- trying to peddle MORE

Gaga and Usher keep it classy for Clinton!

Bill Clinton and Lady Gaga

So this A Decade of Difference concert was this weekend, honoring the William J. Clinton Foundation with performances by Usher and Lady Gaga (amongst others), both of whom took the opportunity to act kind of dumb in front of America's cigar-loving President. First up was Usher, who somehow managed to rip his pants in front of the President and nearly exposed his privacy. Somewhere out there, Monica Lewinsky just reflexively opened her mouth. MORE