Shia LaBeouf got knocked out!

Shia LaBeouf

So Shia LaBeouf was up here in Canada (specifically, Vancouver) filming what I'm just going to go ahead and assume will be an awful movie because let's face it, all of his movies are awful, when he decided he was going to go ahead and get drunk on our superior Canadian beer. Sorry Americans, but we have more alcohol in our beer. We win this battle. Anyway, Shia got shitty drunk, got into a fight with someone, and then got knocked the hell out in MORE

RuPaul is now trolling Courtney Stodden!

Courtney Stodden and RuPaul

Have I ever mentioned I love RuPaul? Because I totally do. I love her. And just when I thought my love for her couldn't grow any stronger, she went ahead and trolled Courtney Stodden on Twitter, and of course, the teenage prostitard totally bought it. HA! Classic. @Rupaul: Dear @CourtneyStodden, I ask that U guide my thoughts, my feelings & my perceptions AMEN @CourtneyStodden: @RuPaul Mmm... I understand you - & YOU are Beautiful! MORE

Miley Cyrus is really easy to hack!

Miley Cyrus

Yeah, remember how Miley Cyrus' email got hacked, and then a slew of racy but blessedly non-nude pictures flooded the web? Yeah, it turns out literally anyone could have leaked those, because in an email to TMZ, the hacker of Miley's email account basically said that the only thing he needed to get into it was a quick Google search for Miley's friends. That's it! A man who has been contacting TMZ for nearly two years -- trying to peddle MORE

Gaga and Usher keep it classy for Clinton!

Bill Clinton and Lady Gaga

So this A Decade of Difference concert was this weekend, honoring the William J. Clinton Foundation with performances by Usher and Lady Gaga (amongst others), both of whom took the opportunity to act kind of dumb in front of America's cigar-loving President. First up was Usher, who somehow managed to rip his pants in front of the President and nearly exposed his privacy. Somewhere out there, Monica Lewinsky just reflexively opened her mouth. MORE

Lindsay Lohan still doesn’t get it!

Lindsay Lohan

So last week, Lindsay Lohan decided to put her best messy foot forward ... showing off her rotten teeth and dirty hands, getting fired from her community service, and then blaming it on the volunteers who were so mean to her, oh lets all cry her a river, shall we? Anyway, Lindsay took to Twitter to tell everyone to stop punishing her and to just let her get on with her life of fucking her way to the middle and generally acting like a MORE

Giuliana Rancic has breast cancer

Giuliana and Bill Rancic

Sad news everyone: Giuliana Rancic, host of E! News, has been diagnosed with breast cancer following some routine procedures in order to complete her in-vitro fertilization. From Access Hollywood: Giuliana Rancic discovered that her life was in danger as she and husband Bill Rancic attempted to expand their family. “Through my attempt to get pregnant through IVF, we sadly found out that I have early stages of breast cancer,” the E! News MORE

Britney Spears turns kids into whores?

Katie Price and Britney Spears

To be honest, I'm not really sure who English famewhore Katie Price is, but judging from my cursory Google search on her, she's useless, skanky and orange - that's literally all she is known for. Anyway, it seems Katie has decided to call up the phone and call it a tangelo prostitute because Katie is now declaring that Britney Spears is entirely to blame for turning kids into whores. Which is funny, because I think kids were whores long before MORE

Spotted: A moving truck at Demi & Ashton’s!

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore

In an none-too obvious sign that Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are officially kaput, a moving truck was seen parked outside of the couple's home yesterday, which I'm sure means they just need to put some stuff in storage. Specifically, the cheating dickhole who went ahead and stuck it in a famewhore (aka Sara Leal) during their sixth wedding anniversary. From Us Weekly: On Thursday, a Wetzel and Sons moving truck was spotted pulling out of the MORE

LiLo blew off community service / therapy!

Lindsay Lohan

All right, get ready for the ultimate test to see if Lindsay Lohan can, in fact, do anything she wants and not go to jail. Not only has Lindsay been slacking on her community service, but it actually got to the point where Lindsay was FIRED from the place for skipping work and leaving early. FIRED. From a job she was required to do for FREE. Oh, and she also skipped out on her court-appointed therapy because she was busy "working" (side note: MORE

Hilary Swank regrets going to a war criminal’s birthday

Hilary Swank

Let's say you're walking around, minding your own business when someone comes up to you and says "Hey, want to come to a complete stranger's birthday? You don't know him. Probably shouldn't Google him either." Would you at least Google him so you know if there's some sort of catch to the whole thing? Like, say, if he were an alleged torturer, kidnapper and murderer? Then congratulations, you're smarter than Oscar-winning actress Hilary Swank. The MORE

Lindsay Lohan won’t comment on her rotten teeth!

Lindsay Lohan

Oh God bless Lindsay Lohan's rotten teeth and dirty hands. For some reason, that post brought in ALL THE PEOPLE yesterday, because apparently, all of y'all love staring at a jacked up, decaying meth grill. Anyway, it also caught the attention of Lindsay's rep Steve Honig, who decided to assure everyone that LiLo was perfectly healthy and sober and - oh, wait, they completely avoided saying any of those things and instead released the most MORE

Karen O + Chipotle + Willie Nelson = Yes

Karen O and Willie Nelson

Quick! What happens when you take Willie Nelson's Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys (nice to see Willie was giving songs really long names before pretentious emo bands made it cool), get the Yeah Yeah Yeah's Karen O to cover it and tie it all into Chipotle's Boorito day, which benefits farms everywhere? You get this astonishingly beautiful video, which I won't lie, kinda came out of left field for me. Also: no, I have never tried MORE

Lindsay Lohan: Rotten teeth and dirty hands!

Lindsay Lohan

UPDATE! Lindsay Lohan got her rotten teeth fixed! So about that whole "Lindsay Lohan is going to sober up, get her life back on track and win an Oscar by the time she's 30" thing ... well, screw that, because Lindsay showed up to the premiere of Saints Row: The Third (a new video game) recently with dirty/scabby hands and brown, chipped looking teeth, and I really have to commend her on this one: you'd think that no one would be able to pull MORE

Why hello, Kellan Lutz!

Kellan Lutz - Men's Fitness Magazine

NOTE: This paragraph unfortunately could not be typed as Jeremy drooled all over the keyboard upon seeing Kellan Lutz's sexy, shirtless self on the cover of Men's Fitness. Also, there's something about Kellan training and how he used to be bullied as a kid, but let's face it: You clicked this because you want to ogle Kellan looking ridonkulously ripped, don't you? Exactly. You may want to lay some covering over your keyboard first as a MORE