Oh joy, Kim Kardashian might be pregnant!

Kim Kardashian

I'm guessing after yesterday's news that Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries realized they made a huuuuuuuge mistake by getting married to each other, they've decided that they're going to do what any good couple does when they no longer feel anything for each other and need someway to keep the magic alive (or at the very least, postpone its death): they might be having a baby! Either that or Kim is just getting fat. OK! Magazine and its completely MORE

Ashley Tisdale slams ‘Toddlers & Tiaras’

Toddlers & Tiaras

If you've never seen Toddlers & Tiaras before, try and keep it that way because I'm pretty sure it's considered child pornography. Anyway, I've seen clips of it on The Soup, and from what I can tell, it's basically what happens when mothers realize all of their dreams are unattainable and they need to dress their kids up as hookers and make them dance for grown adults in order to remedy this. And they do not see anything wrong with this. MORE

Jessica Simpson: Pregnant or not?

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson

So despite the fact that I think there's a story about how Jessica Simpson looks pregnant but is actually just a little chubby something like every other week here (I mean holy shit, she's a couple extra pounds overweight. Have you ever considered the baby inside of her might be of the food variety?) reports are circulating that Jessica might be pregnant with her man Eric Johnson's baby. Again with the dumbass reports, I just ... whatever. Here's MORE

Nelly Furtado donated her Gadhafi money!

Nelly Furtado

Okay yes, I know that's not how you're supposed to spell it but until someone can actually come up with some sort of unified spelling for this asshole's name, I'm going with this one. Aaaaaaaaanyway, Canadian musician Nelly Furtado, true to her word, donated the $1 Million bucks she received from performing for Gadhafi and his family, so you know, kudos to her on that one. Access Hollywood reports: She made this latest announcement Tuesday at MORE

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries hit a rough patch!

Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian

So yesterday, I reported on the fact that Kim Kardashian might not always be seen wearing her wedding ring, because she wants to avoid over-accessorizing. Clearly, I should have known that statement was crap since the girl has more useless crap hanging off her at any given moment than Batman. Anyway, reports are starting to go around about how they've hit a rough patch: Kris Humphries, because he wants a more traditional arrangement, and Kim MORE

Elisabetta Canalis got booted from ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Elisabetta Canalis

Good news everyone! Chaz Bono is still on Dancing with the Stars! And even better news: Elisabetta Canalis, who you might know from being Clooney's former piece and absolutely nothing else, finally got kicked off the show for being a terrible dancer. You know you suck at dancing when Nancy Grace can show her nipple and still come off as more watchable than you. The Huffington Post reports: The Italian actress who romanced George Clooney has MORE

Ashton Kutcher is still whorin’ it out!

Ashton Kutcher

When we last left Ashton Kutcher, he was under fire for using his position as a guest editor for Details magazine to pimp out a bunch of useless shit that he invested in. But now he's learned the error of his ways and has now moved onto screwing up his marriage to Demi Moore and - oh, wait, never mind, it looks like Gawker's reporting that he's still pimping shit out, this time on Two and a Half Men. I put a bunch of ... portfolio companies MORE

Chris Christie denies ‘Jersey Shore’ tax credit!

Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi and Chris Christie

So New Jersey's governor Chris Christie took time out from maybe-or-maybe-not running unsuccessfully for president (can you decide already so that you can lose your bid to Mitt Romney?) to announce that Jersey Shore would no longer be receiving tax breaks from the state so that they can film eight filthy whores drink and punch and cry. Via The Slate: Dubbed the "Snooki subsidy," the tax credit is part of a $10 million state program that grants MORE

Sean Maher came out of the closet!

Sean Maher

So if you're one of the too few people devoted to the beloved but canceled show, Firefly, you remember Sean Maher, who played Simon Tam, the brother doctor of the kick-ass River Tam. You'll also remember that he was the cute one, as opposed to Nathan Fillion's smoldering good looks and Adam Baldwin's hot-but-clinically-insane physique. Anyway, he has a new show out on NBC, The Playboy Club, and in order to promote it, Simon finally came out as a MORE

Did Nancy Grace’s nipple slip?

Nancy Grace

So despite the cadre of celebrity tits on this season of Dancing with the Stars, the first celebrity to allegedly slip a nip was Nancy Grace, she of the perpetual bitchface (or maybe she's just constantly smelling farts? Who knows.) Anyway, Nancy is now swearing up and down that she never let her areola fly out of her dress and OH GOD THE IMAGE IS IN MY HEAD AND IT WON'T COME OUT. TMZ reports: Nancy Grace is adamant ... her nip did NOT slip on MORE

Rihanna’s boobs vs. Ireland!


So by now you've probably heard the new Rihanna single, We Found Love, which was released because apparently there's something in her contract about how she needs to release a new single every two weeks because people have the attention span of a goldfish that's drinking to forget. Anyway, BBC is reporting that RiRi decided to film the video for it topless in Ireland for some reason (WOO! Represent!) when an Irish farmer came out and asked her to MORE

Lindsay Lohan might be banging Phillip Plein!

Lindsay Lohan and Philipp Plein

So despite the fact that Lindsay Lohan spent last week screwing married men in order to get herself through NY Fashion Week (although now that I think about it, this would also explain why she made out with her own mother. Oh straight men ...) it looks like Lindsay may or may not be dating Phillip Plein who is using her to model his clothes. Soooooooo that answers that question. The Daily Mail reports: The pair only met last Friday at Milan MORE

Kim Kardashian doesn’t always wear her wedding ring!

Kim Kardashian

So despite only being married for something like a month and a half, Kim Kardashian has decided that wearing a wedding ring is hard and has announced that you might see her out and about without it on, but that's okay because it's just a matter of not over-accessorizing! You know, because wedding bands, which are basically just unadorned rings, are so gaudy. So very, very gaudy. Us Weekly reports: The 30-year-old newlywed has some serious MORE

Jesse James cheated on Kat Von D?

Jesse James and Kat Von D

OMG, you guys! I'm freaking out in the worst way right now because RadarOnline is reporting that Jesse James and Kat Von D broke up because Jesse allegedly (pause for dramatic effect because this revelation will ROCK. YOUR. WORLD.) cheated on Kat! I know, I'm as shocked as you are! I mean, Jesse seems like such a committed lover who would never oh yeah that's right he cheated on his wife. A woman who claims to have been hooking up with James MORE