Box Office: Holding out for a (Big) Hero (6)

Big Hero 6

I know next to nothing about Big Hero 6, other than it's about some sort of marshmallow robot superhero and I need to see it. Apparently, I'm not alone in my judgment because according to Box Office Mojo, it was the number one movie this weekend with a $56.2 Million haul. So look forward to your kids asking for marshmallow superhero toys for Christmas this year! They will sell out immediately and be impossible to find. Consider yourself fairly MORE

‘Toy Story 4′ is coming!

Toy Story 4

To be honest, when I saw Toy Story 3, I kind of assumed that it would be the final installment. How exactly do you follow up the toys facing down their own mortality in a horrible pit of fire? I mean, they lived, and they got some mini-movies and TV specials since, but that's a lot to follow up. But the good news is that not only is John Lasseter returning to direct Toy Story 4 (due out in June of 2017), but Rashida Jones and Will McCormack are MORE

First Look: ‘The Simpsons’ / ‘Futurama’ crossover!

The Simpsons and Futurama

So about a month back, FOX tried its hand at a Simpsons / Family Guy crossover, which ... I'm sure did very well ratings wise, but left me with a bitter taste in my mouth. Well, the good news is that they're getting back on the horse and trying again with a different, albeit more closely related pairing of The Simpsons and Futurama. Considering that Matt Groening is responsible for both, and that the humor and emotional aspects of each series MORE

The new ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ cast has been announced …

The Celebrity Apprentice

And actually, it just occurred to me–why do they still call it The Celebrity Apprentice? At this point, they've stopped making the actual Apprentice, so the celebrity version is now the default. I don't know, that seems weird to me for some reason. Anyway, here's the just announced cast list for the new season of The Celebrity Apprentice–let's find out who's going to be selling pizzas in NYC this time ... Kate Gosselin - Had 8 kids, MORE

Adore Delano: “My Address is Hollywood!”

Adore Delano

You know, we're in the homestretch of 2014, and I've been so focused on Christmas and New Years (we already got Thanksgiving out of the way here in Canada–sorry 'bout it) that I almost forgot about another momentous yearly ritual: The announcement of the next season of RuPaul's Drag Race. It's coming, and it's coming soon! And just think, almost a year ago today, Adore Delano was announced as one of the competitors on the show. And now? She's MORE

Trailer: ‘Minions’–getting their own movie!


Okay, so real talk here: I have seen both Despicable Me movies. I liked both of them. I liked the Minions and thought they were a great addition to the movie that rounded out the plot nicely. But, and this is a minor one, I don't seem to love Minions the same way the web has, to the point where Minion memes are popping up left and right on Facebook. It's like bacon: I get the appeal, I enjoy it immensely, but there's such a thing as too much, MORE

Teaser: FX’s ‘Archer’ … season six!

Archer Season Six

As we previously reported, Archer is coming back for a sixth season on FX in January, albeit without the moniker of ISIS because ... well, you know. Terrorism and all. Anyway, by the looks of the teaser, the sixth season will more or less be hitting the reset button as the cast gets back to work, Cheryl ditches the outlaw country thing, and Pam regains all that weight she lost from cocaine-infused desserts. Also, random aside here: Pam might be MORE

Box Office: Nightcrawler (the non-X-Men one) wins by a hair!


Normally, the difference between first place and second place at the weekend box office is -- at the very least -- a few million dollars. This week, Nightcrawler topped out with $10,909,000–edging out Ouija by a mere nine grand, according to Box Office Mojo. The weird part about it: That $9,000 margin was made up entirely of people who thought they were seeing another X-Men movie. True story. And with that, we come to Ouija, who took in MORE

Willam presents: 7.5 reasons Ariana Grande is a diva!

Willam Belli

So apparently, Willam Belli got a gig with Hollyscoop, doing what she was meant to do: Read famous people for filth. She's doing the lord's work now. Anyway, for her first segment, she's talking about some of the shady stuff Ariana Grande's allegedly been up to, and -- actually, quick aside here. Ariana Grande: Does anyone else get the feeling that she's secretly a teenage version of Alexis Mateo? Because that high-pony is higher than nature or MORE

Adore Delano & Bianca Del Rio star in Starbucks’ first LGBT ad!

Adore Delano & Bianca Del Rio

Starbucks has always been good to the gays, between standing up for our rights and employing at least one scruffy hipster twink at every location. (Seriously, there's always one, you know there is.) Well now, Starbucks has released their first LGBT targeted ad, and even better, it features Adore Delano and Bianca Del Rio from RuPaul's Drag Race! And apparently, they're having a snit over skinny lattes, which is fully understandable because MORE

Marvel reveals Phase 3 Superhero Lineup!

Marvel Phase 3

Marvel has gotten to a point where they're just mainlining cash directly into their bank accounts. People can hem and haw all they want about how many superhero movies there are right now, but they're still going to watch them anyway because they're actually really good. Anyway, the company held an event yesterday wherein they revealed their movie line-up for phase three, which at this point is just doing what works and watching money soar MORE

Amy Poehler & Tina Fey: Retiring from Cohosting Golden Globes

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey have been handling Golden Globes cohosting duties for the past couple years now for two very good reasons: First, Neil Patrick Harris can only handle so many hosting gigs, and second, because they're hysterically funny and awesome and they single-handedly brought in the highest numbers in the show's history. So that's pretty good. Anyway, in an interview promoting her new book, Amy sat down and said that this would be MORE

Benedict Cumberbatch set to bring ‘Doctor Strange’ to life!

Benedict Cumberbatch

If there's one thing the web loves, other than cats, crowdfunding, naked pictures of famous celebrities, rightfully damning people who leak naked pictures of famous celebrities against their will, and bacon, it's Benedict Cumberbatch. People just go apesh!t over Benedict and his smooth British accent and his perfectly angular -- but not too angular -- bone structure. Anyway, he's been cast as Doctor Strange in the new Marvel movie of the same MORE

Neil Patrick Harris is getting his own NBC variety show

Neil Patrick Harris

As was mentioned yesterday in our fall TV post, NBC has climbed up the rankings and is now fighting it out with ABC for the #2 spot among the major networks. And according to Vulture, they might be setting themselves up for the edge now by giving Neil Patrick Harris, the most Entertainer-with-a-capital-E entertainer currently working, his own variety show on the network ... NBC and ITV execs have confirmed the Harris news. Peacock MORE