RuPaul’s Drag Race: Untucked is moving online!

RuPaul's Drag Race

Can you believe we're only three days away from the premier of RuPaul's Drag Race season seven? Gawdammit, the wait seemed to go on forever! Anyway, the big news this time around is that Untucked -- the companion show featuring the girls screaming, fighting, crying, and straw-sipping in the back while the judges deliberate -- is moving online exclusively. So not only will we be RuCapping things in (greater length!) this year, but we'll also be MORE

Lady Gaga: Ready to check you in … AHS: Hotel

Lady Gaga / American Horror Story: Hotel

Normally, the theme, cast and all general details for the next installment of FX's American Horror Story are kept secret until late summer, so as to churn the fanbase into a frothy hotbed of speculation. Except this year they've decided to announce some (stunt) casting early, such as the fact that the fifth time around the title is Hotel and that Lady Gaga will be starring in it. You may now commence all your many wild thoughts, educated guesses MORE

Camerons swept The Razzies this year!

Saving Christmas

It wouldn't be Oscar season without a brief flirtation with The Razzies, a 'celebration' of Hollywood's worst offerings. For once, Adam Sandler didn't sweep the entire thing with another one of his lame and lazy vacation movies! No, this year the honors were split between holy roller Kirk Cameron and his weirdly cynical embrace of Xmas materialism and Michael Bay's embrace of everyday materialism. Worst Picture Saving Christmas Worst MORE

So the (most boring) Oscars (EVER) were last night …

The Oscars

Well, the Oscars were last night, which means we're finally out of the 24/7 jostling of awards season! The bad news is, we're now in the twilight zone between Oscar season and the summer movie season where all the movies are just forgettably okay. Anyway, let's get to the winners of the night, shall we? Best Picture Birdman Best Director Alejandro González Iñárritu Best Actress Julianne Moore, Still Alice Best Actor Eddie MORE

Roast of Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

If you've ever read an interview about Kate McKinnon on how she creates her characters, you've probably heard her summation of Justin Bieber: A puppy who just piddled on the carpet and is kind of sorry about it. Keep that in mind as you watch the teaser for Comedy Central's Roast of Justin Bieber (March 30), since the overall vibe is that he's sort of sorry and this is an easy out for his bad behavior. If he's really sorry, he'll ditch the MORE

Beware: Ariana Grande’s right side–brings the dark side!

Ariana Grande

Back when the news first broke that Ariana Grande purposely refused to show the right side of her face, I made a joke amongst friends (SHUT UP I HAVE FRIENDS!) that seeing the right side of Ariana's face would bring about the apocalypse. Well, here's the music video for her latest single, "One Last Time," in which we see the right side of her face and the world explodes. So clearly, this one is on me. I apologize. Turns out, the Mayans were onto MORE

‘Pitch Perfect 2′ gets a new trailer!

Pitch Perfect 2

After a brief taste of what we could expect from Pitch Perfect 2 (due out May 15th), here's a second trailer for the movie where we get to see a little more of the plot. Which in this case, involves Rebel Wilson accidentally flashing her upside-down vagina at the President of the US. But really, who hasn't been there? Never have I ever, amirite? *Takes a shot* I have made some terrible life decisions. MORE

Spider-Man: Returning to the Marvel Studios Movie Universe!


After getting royally dicked around in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, somebody over at Marvel Studios must have figured that they needed to save Peter Parker (at least momentarily) before he got stuck with another Spider-Man 3. Well, good news! Marvel has reached an agreement with Sony Pictures which will see Spidey's next movie produced by Marvel. He's saved! At least for now. SlashFilm reports ... “Under the deal, the new Spider-Man will MORE

Listen: Beyonce’s “Crazy In Love” remix for ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’


It's going to be hard for Fifty Shades of Grey to shake its Twilight comparisons: For starters, Fifty Shades start off as Twilight fanfiction (SERIOUSLY). Both movies are adaptations of terrible books that became inexplicably popular. Both feature abusive relationships that people just love to romanticize. And no matter how bad the movies are, at least the soundtracks are actually totally amazing. Case in point: Here's Beyoncé's "Crazy In Love" MORE

So The Grammys Were Handed Out Last Night …

The 57th Grammy Awards Winners

Look, I'll be honest here: I actually have an entire screed I want to tack on here, but before I do that, let's get to the list of last night's Grammy award winners because hey–good for them–am I right? Record of the Year: Sam Smith “Stay With Me (Darkchild Version)“ Song of the Year: Sam Smith “Stay With Me (Darkchild Version)“ Album of the Year: Beck Morning Phase Best New Artist: Sam Smith Best Pop Duo/Group Performance: A MORE

Madonna is Now “Living For Love” on Youtube!

Madonna "Living For Love"

All right, we're going to get to the Grammy Awards in a bit, I swear. It's just that Madonna released a new music video over the weekend for "Living For Love," the lead single from her upcoming album Rebel Heart (due out March 10th) so we have to get to that first. Especially since she finally released it onto Youtube after initially releasing it on Snapchat or Imgur or whatever it is the kids are using to send around naked pictures these days. MORE


Magic Mike XXL

Magic Mike was one of those Hollywood novelties: A microbudget movie that sexualized men instead of women that went on to make back almost 24x its budget at the box office–keep in mind that's not even counting DVD sales, digital downloads or streaming! And of course, when a movie (which was actually a decent film, thanks to indie director Steven Soderbergh) is capable of making back TWENTY-FOUR TIMES ITS BUDGET, you best believe that they're MORE

Giorgio Moroder + Kylie Minogue = “Right Here, Right Now”

Giorgio Moroder + Kylie Minogue = "Right Here, Right Now"

As much as I love to bandy about my indie cred ("Oh, you don't have Dum Dum Girls on your gym playlist? That's okay, a lot of people haven't heard "Bedroom Eyes" either. Hold on, I have to accept my trophy for Most Exhausting Person Ever")–I will forever and always be a total stan for Kylie Minogue. She's hands down one of the best pop singers out there. Hell, she's who Madonna wishes she had grown into. Anyway, here's "Right Here, Right Now," MORE

RuPaul + Michelle Visage: Bringing that “New York City Beat”

RuPaul + Michelle Visage "New York City Beat"

Michelle Visage has been becoming increasingly more popular thanks to Celebrity Big Brother, and stands as the bitch to beat because you don't mess with the queen mother! Anyway, with Michelle a household name, RuPaul released the music video for their latest collaboration, "New York City Beat," off the Covergurlz 2 album–plus there's even a little commercial for a new RuPaul figurine! MORE