Jennifer Lopez talks insecurities + dictators!

Jennifer Lopez

How can you honestly hate Jennifer Lopez? Her career has lasted over 20 years and she’s shown no signs of slowing down (and she just signed on to be an American Idol judge again). Who would’ve thought that the girl from Selena would’ve transcended to the brand that she is today? Honestly, who else could have a number one single past the age of 40? I’m fangirling too hard right now but I believe you get my point. Anyway, Ms. Lopez is MORE

2013 MTV VMAs Fashion: Ciara shines, Rita Ora loses!

2013 MTV Video Music Awards

MTV’s annual Video Music Awards have long been known for being the most fascinating in terms of red carpet fashion (since 1984) and this year's ceremonies held in Brooklyn, NY was no different. BEST Danity Kane OH MY GOD. DANITY KANE IS BACK. I have been praying for this moment since Diddy unceremoniously destroyed them in a fit of rage. Tonight’s reunion announcement (minus D. Woods but we MORE

Jennifer Garner is aging like a fine wine!

Jennifer Garner

It’s known that I have a bias for actresses that appear in superhero movies (Daredevil, Elektra) so that includes Ms. Jennifer Garner. I should also disclose that because of her breakout role as Sydney Bristow on Alias, I spent the majority of my high school years thinking I would join the CIA out of college. That never happened but Alias continues to be one of my favorite television series ever. Garner (41) is on the cover of September’s MORE

Nicki Minaj’s ‘Barbz’ conduct her Marie Claire interview

Nicki Minaj

Well, I might be overstating it by saying they conducted it but Nicki Minaj, who appears on the cover of August’s Marie Claire, focused on questions sent in via Twitter from her Barbz. Topics included her “secret man”, a potential relationship with Drake (longtime fans will remember when they faked a marriage on Twitter 3 years ago), and her hair. The article is a nice, endearing piece on Minaj since her time on American Idol and her MORE

In case you were wondering … that’s Shakira on Elle!

Shakira | Elle | July 2013

God Bless the editors at Elle magazine because they’ve put the name of their covergirl in size 72 font right across the cover (it’s Shakira if you haven’t seen by now). I’d like to talk about the spread and what she has to say about being on The Voice but I just can’t get over how ostentatious her name is on this cover. Did they think people forgot her after "Hips Don’t Lie" left the radio stations after being played for the MORE

Kelly Osbourne Covers July’s Cosmo

Kelly Osbourne

I have a confession: I’m a Kelly Osbourne apologist. She stole my heart in The Osbournes and I made my parents buy me the soundtrack from the show just so I could listen to her cover of “Papa Don’t Preach” on a loop in 7th grade. It was years before I realized the song was about abortion or that Madonna originally sang it. I was quite culturally backwards as a child. Anyway, Ms. Osbourne is on the cover of July 2013’s Cosmopolitan MORE

Kanye West drops “New Slaves” worldwide!

Kanye West "New Slaves"

Who else but Kanye West could essentially take over the entire world in a matter of just a few hours? After tweeting that his new song and an accompanying visual would premiere on sixty-six buildings around the world on Friday night, I immediately jumped at the chance to witness this kind of historic event. Surely, my children will want to know where I was when I first experienced “New Slaves,” the first single from his upcoming unnamed MORE

Five ridiculous looks at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards!


I’m incredibly aware of the banality of The MTV Movie Awards in 2013, but I can’t stop myself from watching. It’s like passing a car accident. MTV has the unique ability to highlight the true gems of our society, so here is just a taste of what we saw tonight. Ke$ha On anyone else, this would be an utter train wreck. Don’t get me wrong, this look is a disaster but we have to look at the context of who’s wearing it. Ke$ha has worn MORE

Gwyneth Paltrow won’t get Botox again!

Gwyneth Paltrow

I don’t get Gwyneth Paltrow. She seems so mind-numbingly WASPy—just look at GOOP. She is the definition of “bougie.” She’s that friend that judges you for still drinking Capri Sun at the age of 24 while she’s on a custom juice cleanse. However, there’s something charming about her that I can’t quite seem to put my finger on. Maybe it’s pity for her desperate yearnings to seem “cool” like appearing on Glee multiple times MORE

Scarlett Johansson is beautiful (but you knew that!)

Scarlett Johansson

I have to admit that Scarlett Johansson wasn’t on my radar until Iron Man 2. Is that an embarrassing thing to admit? Of course, I’d heard of her and knew of her marriage and subsequent divorce from Ryan Reynolds (and that really weird album she did) but I found her kind of insufferable. That all changed once she became Black Widow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and now I’m obsessed but I digress. Ms. Johansson is on the cover of MORE

Rihanna ‘shines bright’ in Givenchy


Rihanna’s Diamonds World Tour, which kicked off in Buffalo, NY earlier this month, is quite the feast for the eyes. I’m sure the stage is exciting but I’m strictly talking fashion here. In recent memory, it seems that most pop stars link up with a designer for their tours and Ms. Fenty is no different. Her choice? Riccardo Tisci’s Givenchy. Since Tisci took over Givenchy in 2005, he’s been credited with reinvigorating the brand with MORE

Michelle Obama is a Vogue cover girl again

Michelle Obama

After the rumors that Annie Leibovitz was spotted at the White House a few months ago to shoot Michelle Obama for Vogue, it was only a matter of time before we saw the First Lady on the cover. This cover is slightly better than her 2009 cover but their art department really needs to get it together. Mrs. Obama is gorgeous and they always make her face look crooked. It’s maddening. However, that blue Reed Krakoff dress is gorgeous. I MORE

Nicki Minaj gets made under for Elle

Nicki Minaj

I generally don’t care for Nicki Minaj. There was a brief time—when she opened for Britney Spears—that I appreciated her music but her persona off-stage is just a massive turn off. That being said, her tenure on American Idol so far is actually winning me over. Frankly, I started watching the show again strictly for Mariah Carey but I find myself agreeing with Nicki’s criticisms a lot. I don’t think I’d consider myself a “barb” MORE

‘The View’ is about to look very different

The View

After co-hosting The View since its premiere in 1997, Joy Behar announced that the current season would be her last telling Good Morning America, “I am graciously exiting stage left. I've put in 16 1/2 years and felt the time was right. I want to explore other opportunities.” Behar, who originally joined the show to fill in when show creator Barbara Walters was absent, said that she is looking to pursue other career opportunities like writing MORE