Fifth Harmony is Here to Slay so You Better (Together) Start Paying Attention

Fifth Harmony

Let me preface this piece by saying that I have been a Fifth Harmony fan since they were LYLAS singing “Impossible” on The X Factor. I was lucky enough to meet them at an MTV event before the VMAs and they couldn’t have been sweeter. This past Thursday, I attended the launch of Nick Radio to see the girls perform and got to speak with Camila for a short moment as she took a pee break. Ally even waved from the stage. I could totally be MORE

You may have overlooked MIKA in 2012—that was a mistake!


MIKA, born Michael Holbrook Penniman, Jr. in 1983, released three full-length pop albums since 2007 and he’s one of the only male pop stars we’ve got right now. The Grammy-nominated singer had the fifth worldwide best-selling album of 2007 with his debut album. This year, MIKA released his most mature body of work to date – and not enough people noticed. To promote the album, he did a promotional tour of the United States and Europe. To up MORE

What can adults take away from ‘Mirror Mirror’?

Lily Collins

Within the first five minutes of Mirror Mirror, it became quite apparent that I was in a children’s movie. No, I was not in a family movie; those include jokes for adults. Any jokes for adults in this movie were a complete and utter failure. Mirror Mirror is a goofy, ridiculous, completely childish children’s movie and if you are above the age of ten, just stay away. Lily Collins and Julia Roberts star as Snow White and the evil Queen, MORE

The Art of the Mainstream Movie: 21 Jump Street

21 Jump Street

Believe it or not, there indeed is an “art” behind the making of a successful mainstream movie. There is a misconception that the only “good” movies are independent “critical darling” movies favored by the Sundance crowd. Yes, successful mainstream movies do exist. I am not denying that. Just let me make my case. 21 Jump Street is a good example of a successful mainstream comedy. It follows the recent Hollywood trend of rebooting MORE

Review: Seeking Justice

Seeking Justice

Seeking Justice is a movie that, quite frankly, you will never see. That being said, it’s actually not a horrible movie! If you want to go for a fun albeit predictable ride, this is your movie. In Seeking Justice, Will Gerard (Nicolas Cage) has to make a choice when his wife, Laura (January Jones) is raped and burglarized. A mysterious all-knowing man named Simon (Guy Pearce) appears in the waiting room and offers Will a deal. He will MORE

Yay or Nay: Trespass


When you look at the poster for Trespass, a few things stand out. First, you see the type font – suggesting a serious drama. Second, you see Nicole Kidman and Nicolas Cage – two of the biggest jokes in Oscar-winning history. Third, you see the hilarious suggestion that this movie has potential by the mentioning of their Oscar wins. In Trespass, a family is taken hostage by burglars and nothing really is as it seems. Oh and the hot MORE

Review: Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

In Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil, best friends Tucker and Dale and a group of college co-eds get into a big misunderstanding while vacationing nearby in the woods. When one of the students gets hurt, Tucker and Dale rescue her. Unfortunately, her friends mistook them for scary murderous hicks and wage war – only killing themselves in the end. Walking into the screening, I was very nervous. Was this going to be an awesomely bad budget film or just a MORE

Should you go see ‘Our Idiot Brother’?

Our Idiot Brother

In Our Idiot Brother, Paul Rudd plays Ned, who is just that: an idiot. After going to jail for dealing marijuana to a uniformed cop, he is dumped by his girlfriend and has to figure out his life. The movie follows Ned as he crashes through each of his sisters’ lives like a hurricane, leaving collateral damage every stop along the way. The big frustration with Our Idiot Brother is how it never meets its serious potential. Its indie cred MORE