Ashley Greene hearts sex shops!

Ashley Greene hearts sex shops!
September 24, 2010 JEREMY FEIST

Ashley Greene, who some of you might remember from one of those sparkly vampire movies or some shit like that, was reportedly spotted at an adult boutique browsing lingerie and various other assorted adult goods. Hey, girl’s gonna need all the help she can get to wash the vampire stank off of her. Hell, Anna Kendrick had to get herself nominated for a freaking Oscar just to wash that shit off.

“Ashley was looking at nighties like this white version of this silk negligee, as well as other lingerie,” an employee, who declined to be named, tells HollywoodLife.com exclusively. But that wasn’t all the 23-year-old starlet was attracted to! “She also peeked at the Kama Sutra books – including the Mammoth Book of Karma Sutra and the C**t Colouring Book,” our eyewitness says, adding, “She also made sure to see everything in the store, including the vibrators.” SOURCE

Now before you guys start getting any ideas, just remember: Bitch is dating Joe Jonas here. Now unless I was right all along and purity rings are basically just a self-righteous fashion accessory, Joe probably isn’t getting any. Besides, even if those purity rings allowed for *ahem* discretions, something tells me Joe wouldn’t be sticking it in Ashley. You get my drift, right? … I mean Joe Jonas is a big gay.