ashlee’s ‘oops’ moment

ashlee’s ‘oops’ moment
October 24, 2004 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

ashlee simpson hey kids – another lazy sunday in los angeles – did you all catch the ashlee simpson snafu last night on saturday night live – hosted by the ever cute and talented jude law – ashlee was the music guest – well her first song ‘pieces of me’ went off fine – but the second time around – her band apparently started playing the wrong song! and i knew something was off – since they started playing ‘pieces of me’ again – ashlee looked stunned and was unsure what to do – so after dancing around for a nano-second – she quickly exited off stage – the band carried on for a moment – and then cut to commercial – so at the end jude law apologized and chalked it up to live TV – and ashlee chimed in she was sorry her band started playing the wrong song – how odd though – and i wonder if those boys stil have jobs today…

ok not to be a snob – but remind me not to do theater in LA – i will say this – i left during the intermission of val kilmer in ‘the ten commandments’ – i think that kinda says it all – it was terrible – poor sexy val he so must have owed someone a favor – because he made a huge career mistake – he wasnt bad but the show was just painful – and the kodak theater was as hot as a prostitute in church – i have seen many a broadway shows in my time in nyc – and this show best not dare show its face in nyc – since it will be laughed out of town – tony awards/nominations – i think not – and max azaria should stick to clothing not sponsoring overblown religious themed musicals – it just aint happening!

so after that whole ordeal – cathy and i headed over to the tvgasm party – and i actually had a lot of fun – and met some cool new people – and there was one reality star in attendance – kevan from ‘amish in the city’ – kinda cute but obviously full o’ himself – but all in all – ben and joe threw an excellent bash – so blog on boys!

so we then left and jetted east – to a small echo park/silverlake bar – litle joy where we caught some cool ‘east -side hipster’ people – twas quite a different scene from the hollywood gang over at the party – so then i dropped ms. cathy off (shes so gosh darned cool – a true trooper – i love her!) – and came home and immediately got the tivo to replay the saturday night live with jude law – and ms. ashlee…anyway popbytes out – and tune in tomorrow – i just got an advance copy of britney spears greatest hits cd – and oh my word all those hits one right after another – britney still rules!