are you watching nip/tuck?

are you watching nip/tuck?
November 1, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey hey! gosh i can’t believe it’s november already plus it’s been kinda hot here – so i still feel like it’s summer but alas the holidays are coming oh so soon – anyways i wanted to check in with you all about my favorite TV show – i think ever (tied with all in the family) – nip/tuck – this 3rd season has been very decent – and tonight anne heche (she is our favorite loon here on popbytes – i’m sorry but she is still a loon to me…) and that lovable joan rivers – sometimes i still can’t believe this show is on TV (and not HBO ;) – it’s so out there – yet so deliciously addictive…additionally it may even make you a little horny!?!

normally i cannot handle ‘medical’ procedures on any show (like for instance i never have nor never will watch ER – i get faint) but i just adore how the nips and tucks are handled on this show – the surgeries in a weird way actually become quite beautiful (the music is always great plus the colors are over saturated – i love it!) – so much is said through the winding plotlines about youth, vanity, greed, gluttony, and aging – it really is mentally intoxicating, thought-provoking, and sometimes haunting…god bless creator mr. ryan murphy – and kudos to FX for taking a chance with this show! so just make sure to tune in – this is not to be missed!

besides it does have practically the most beautiful man in the entire world – our dear aussie julian mcmahon who plays the sometimes lovable but always super sexy ‘dr troy’ – if he was my plastic surgeon i would be getting botox daily – plus i really admire joely richardson who plays ‘julia mcnamara’ – who is soon to be involved in some girl on girl action?!? oh that nip/tuck it sure keeps you guessing…so make sure you are watching! anyways i am out for now – i think i have the first day of the month blues – hopefully my mood will pick up as this week carries on! xxoo