Say Goodbye: ‘Parks and Recreation’ final season trailer

Parks and Recreation

If you haven't heard by now, NBC has pretty much purged its Thursday Night comedy lineup, with the last straggler being the terminally optimistic Parks and Recreation, which will be heading into its final season in the new year. So as we say goodbye to Parks, and by extension the peacock's once golden comedy block, let's watch the trailer for the seventh and final season and remember about all the fun and laughs along the way. Like that time MORE

‘Two and a Half Men’ to end with season 12

Two and a Half Men

Somewhere out there, Charlie Sheen just did a line of Tiger Blood before ejaculating an F-16. Why? Because Two and a Half Men, every aspiring comedian's whipping boy, is coming to an end, after twelve whole seasons of playing in the background at your parents house when you go home for Thanksgiving. Via THR ... "Chuck Lorre is creating a season-long event. We did very well last year with announcing final season of How I Met Your Mother here, MORE

Oh yeah, they brought back Brian on ‘Family Guy’

Family Guy

Remember when they killed off Brian Griffin on Family Guy a couple weeks back? Well surprise! They brought him back. Via Us Weekly ... Brian the dog was resurrected from the dead! Or rather, the pup's impending death was prevented via a time machine, traveled by Stewie after the sadistic baby was granted his Christmas wish by a mall Santa during Sunday night's episode. "I mean, you didn't really think we'd kill off Brian, did you?" MacFarlane MORE

It’s the ‘Community’ season five promo!


Here's the trailer for the fifth season of Community, which plays pretty heavily on that whole "season four was a rancid pile of yak turds" thing which ... look, I get that fans were upset that Dan Harmon wasn't around to guide the show, but I think everyone involved at least tried. It wasn't the best season, but it could have been worse. Anyway, season five (premiering Thursday, January 2nd) sounds like it's going to be a rebuilding time for the MORE

‘Family Guy’ fans petition to bring back Brian

Family Guy Brian

As much as I tend to criticize Family Guy, there's always been one aspect of the show that brings me back: Brian Griffin. Essentially serving as Seth MacFarlane's voice among the cast, a lot of the show's best storylines and episodes tend to revolve around Brian (and usually Stewie) because of just how layered they are as characters. Family Guy has never had what I would call the greatest level of respect and care for their characters, but Brian MORE

Treehouse of Horror: Guillermo del Toro’s Couch Gag

Treehouse of Horror XXIV

Halloween is coming up soon(ish) which means it is time again for The Simpsons' annual spooky special Treehouse of Horror XXIV (airing this coming Sunday on FOX). Which admittedly doesn't take place in a treehouse anymore, but still, it's a fun one-off episode they do every year, and they tend to go all out for the couch gag. This year, they pulled in director Guillermo del Toro to put together the couch gag, and it's a veritable orgy of classic MORE

Gag Reel: ‘Parks and Recreation’ season five!

Parks and Recreation

It's that time again! Time for Parks and Recreation's annual gag reel, highlighting all the best breaks from season five. We're just going to post a couple of them (via Uproxx) but you can go find the rest of them on Parks and Recreation's season five DVD which is out now, and make sure to catch the season premiere of season six on September 26th on NBC! MORE

Crossover: The Simpsons + Family Guy

The Simpsons + Family Guy

Apparently, the feud between Family Guy and The Simpsons is good and buried, because according to Entertainment Weekly, Fox is working on a crossover special between the two shows. Man, this is even weirder than the time Fran Drescher did something something joke completely unrelated to everything I just wrote because apparently that's how comedy works now. Simpsons castmembers Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith MORE

‘American Dad!’ is moving from FOX to TBS

American Dad

Like Cougar Town before it, the critically-acclaimed but not-as-well-watched American Dad! is moving from a major broadcast network to the basic cable paradise of TBS. See America, this is why we have like five shows about hillbillies putting ketchup on their Kraft Dinner while shows like Parks and Recreation and Community have to basically beg for ratings. The A/V Club reports ... Though it started out as little more than a variation of MORE

‘The Cleveland Show’ might be canceled

The Cleveland Show

Yeah, this is not a good week to be Seth MacFarlane. First there was the trouble with that intentionally altered Family Guy clip, and now the long suffering The Cleveland Show might be getting the axe, according to Entertainment Weekly ... FOX issued a few talking points about The Cleveland Show reports that pretty much reiterate what’s already been out there, though the network put stronger emphasis on the point that no decision has been MORE

Family Guy’s Boston Marathon episode was pulled

Family Guy

A couple months back, Family Guy ran an episode where Peter wins the Boston Marathon by driving his car through it, then bombs the Quahog bridge in two completely different scenes that have nothing to do with each other. Unfortunately, someone saw those, said "HERP DERP CONSPIRACY!" and tried to frame it as Seth MacFarlane either predicting the bombings or somehow acting as the government's puppet or ... something. Honestly, the whole falls apart MORE

There isn’t going to be a ‘Friends’ reunion … yet


Yesterday, Facebook decided to explode every which way it could with the news that there was allegedly going to be a Friends reunion on Thanksgiving in 2014. Because if there's one thing the internet loves, it's sh!t from the 90's that white people watched. Well, sorry to break it to you but it's not happening everyone. [Insert sad trombone noise here.] Via HuffPo ... Reports claimed that NBC confirmed a revival of the popular sitcom and it MORE

Is there a ‘Community’ sex tape?


To plug last night's return of Community (which was really good, even if Dan Harmon was no longer there) the writers of the show went on Reddit to do an AMA, where they revealed that, not only do Troy and Abed have a floating couch and ottoman, but thanks to a hidden camera planted by Abed, there may or may not be a secret sex tape hidden in the continuity of the show. Via EW ... Ganz said is always surprised that fans find the easter eggs so MORE

’30 Rock’ ended; got its own Ben & Jerry’s flavor

Tina Fey

Okay, who caught the final episode episode of 30 Rock last night? Because IT WAS SO GOOD. Everyone got a happy ending, Jenna sang her Rural Juror song, and Lutz got his Blimpy's. Everyone was as it should be. And to commemorate the end of the show, Ben & Jerry's launched a new flavor in honor of the show and Tina Fey ... What the what?!? We’re very excited to announce our newest flavor in honor of NBC's 30 Rock: Liz Lemon Greek Frozen MORE