Celebrate GLEE’s 500th performance tonight!

Darren Criss in GLEE

Oh man, time really does fly! Tonight the GLEE gang are celebrating their 500th performance which will be when the sing the classic hit, "Shout!" I can't believe they're already at that number after only four seasons, that surely is a heck of a lot of singing and dancing! Watch the video below as some of the cast members (including my main GLEE crush, super cutie Darren Criss) share their favorite performances and memories from the past! I know a MORE

‘Glee’ goes “Gangnam Style”

Glee goes "Gangnam Style"

"Gangnam Style" has been this weirdly huge fad for something, like, a month or two now, and to be honest I've been putting off watching the video for as long as I could. No offense, I'm just resistant to fads. Well, I watched the music video for the first time last week, and HOLY CRAP IT'S THE BEST THING EVER. THERE ARE HORSES AND A GUY IN AN ELEVATOR AND THEN PSY SCREAMED INTO A WOMAN'S BUTT AND IT WAS THE BEST. Anyway, to answer the question MORE

Preview: ‘Glee’ covers “Call Me Maybe”

Darren Criss - Glee

Just one more day until the new season of Glee starts! I know, weird huh? New characters, new locations for some of the veterans ... after a spotty third season, this may be the creative jolt the show could use. Anyway, after a summer hiatus, the show is coming back with a cover of Carly Rae Jepsen's smash hit "Call Me Maybe," which -- if I'm reading the synopsis right -- will serve as the group's audition for "The New Rachel." Personally, my MORE

GLEE: Are you ready for season four?


For a show about high school teenagers with a massively dedicated fan base, Glee actually did something kinda cool: they cycled out most of the main cast into smaller, outside roles in order to make it more reflective of high school. Which is admittedly kind of a gamble (along with moving the show to Thursday nights), but as long as we don't have to deal with Finn's weird "I'm severely constipated" face every time he looks at Rachel, I'm totally MORE

Of course ‘Glee’ is covering “Call Me Maybe”


Glee is a show that features cute teenagers singing top forty songs. Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" is a top forty song. But apparently, the fact that Gleeis covering the hit song is somehow a surprise or something, because why would they cover a hit song, toss it up on iTunes and make a ton of money? That would just be cuh-ray-zay, amirite? Entertainment Weekly reports ... The song of the summer, Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe,” MORE

‘Glee’ honors Whitney Houston tonight!


Hey kids! Make sure to tune into Glee tonight for a very special episode that honors the late Whitney Houston by tackling seven of her chart-topping songs. It's still hard to believe she's really gone, I would have loved to have seen her make a guest appearance on the show, but unfortunately that's impossible now. Make sure to watch the clips below, the first is the show's take on How Will I Know, the second features some of the cast talking MORE

Gotye just dissed ‘Glee’ for covering his song


If you turn on the radio right now, chances are you'll hear Gotye's Somebody That I Used To Know (featuring Kimbra), because the song's actually really good, and also it was covered on Glee, which means now everyone will play it to death while saying how "indie" they are. Well, turns out Gotye is kind of pissed off by this, and he's going to work his way out of the mainstream by taking a big, steamy dump on Glee for covering his song in the first MORE

Amber Riley covers Whitney Houston on ‘Glee’

Amber Riley - I Will Always Love You

Oddly enough, Glee hasn't yet performed a Whitney Houston number despite most of her songs being perfect for the show. Well, they finally got around to doing a Whitney song, ironically right after Whitney's untimely death this past weekend, and thank heavens they gave it to Amber Riley, who can sing the shit out of anything. It's an amazing performance, and it's a pretty big week for Amber who also guest judged on RuPaul's Drag Race. Check out MORE

Ryan Murphy sounds like a nice boss!

The cast of Glee and Ryan Murphy

For those of you wondering, the set of Glee is a magical land of sugar fudge candy love, where everyone gets along with everyone and- oh no wait, according to insiders leaking info to Us Weekly, series creator Ryan Murphy has allegedly gone completely bonkers, allegedly making his cast work long hours, allegedly threatening to fire other actors if someone doesn't cooperate, and allegedly stiffing the cast on residuals from their iTunes sale. MORE

Chewbacca is guest starring on ‘Glee’!


I've long since theorized that Ryan Murphy has long since given up on having Glee make sense and has at this point just settled with making the show interesting. So now Chewbacca, as in the actual Chewbacca himself, from Star Wars, is going to be making a guest appearance on next week's Christmas special. And your brain just imploded in on itself. You're welcome. Us Weekly reports: Matthew Morrison confirmed the news on Jimmy Kimmel Live. "We MORE

Ricky Martin might guest star on ‘Glee’

Ricky Martin

Remember how back before the third season of Glee started, it was announced that they would start going easier on the amount of guest stars on the show? About that ... Ricky Martin is in talks to make a guest appearance as a Spanish teacher, which would probably be for the best because Mr. Shue is just the worst. Replace him with Ricky. The show can only go up from here. The Huffington Post reports: According to TVLine, star singer Ricky MORE

Presented without comment: Glee’s Rumour Has It / Someone Like You!


Okay, maybe just one little word: GATDAYUM. The all-girls show choir, The Troubletones, will go against the New Directions in a friendly competition in the all-new “Mash Off” episode airing Tuesday, Nov. 15th (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Check out The Troubletones’ debut performance, a mashup of Adele’s Rumour Has It and Someone Like You from her album 21 (the biggest selling album in the world this year) above. The performance MORE

Chord Overstreet: Coming back to ‘Glee’?

Chord Overstreet

In the never-ending saga that is Chord Overstreet's firing-rehiring-quitting of Glee, it seems like today Chord threw a dart at his magical dartboard of employment and it landed on "rehiring", so we can all look forward to the return of Sam to McKinley High a little later this season. And a couple episodes after that, we can all look forward to him getting fired, but not really, and then he quits before coming back an episode later. It makes MORE

Was ‘The Glee Project’ finale a cop out?

The Glee Project

By now, you’ve probably heard who took home the big prize on Sunday’s finale of The Glee Project. All four finalists – Samuel Larsen, Damian McGinty, Lindsay Pearce, and Alex Newell – won guest roles on the upcoming third season of Glee. Lindsay and Alex will get two episodes, while Samuel and Damian are each slated for a seven episode arc. But here’s my problem: the reason I loved The Glee Project so much was because it was way MORE