The new ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ cast has been announced …

The Celebrity Apprentice

And actually, it just occurred to me–why do they still call it The Celebrity Apprentice? At this point, they've stopped making the actual Apprentice, so the celebrity version is now the default. I don't know, that seems weird to me for some reason. Anyway, here's the just announced cast list for the new season of The Celebrity Apprentice–let's find out who's going to be selling pizzas in NYC this time ... Kate Gosselin - Had 8 kids, MORE

Trailer: Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars

Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars

Yes, the new season of Celebrity Apprentice, featuring a collection of the shows best competitors, is coming soon, which means another season of trying to ignore Donald Trump so I can focus on Gary Busey's intoxicating insanity. Anyway, here's the first trailer for the All-Stars season (kicking off March 3rd on NBC), which features one of the most sublime reads I've ever seen come out of a celeb's mouth: LaToya Jackson: (To Omarosa) Who is the MORE

NeNe Leakes quit ‘Celebrity Apprentice’!

NeNe Leakes

Last night was some sort of mass exodus on The Celebrity Apprentice, because not one, not two, but THREE contestants were sent home last night! Yes, La Toya Jackson and Star Jones were both fired last night, but the big story is that NeNe Leakes actually quit the show because Star was such a gigantic bitch for the entire show. Well, that and the fact that NeNe was actually kind of useless. A little of column A, a little of column B MORE

kendra is the apprentice!

oh kids! all good things must come to an end! read below for the 3rd season wrap-up of the apprentice - congrats to kendra - and huge gigantic thanks to my gal/pal dana - who has wrapped up this show for the past 13 weeks! and now she is off to greece to relax! but don't fret dana will return - thanks again d! you rock & roll! mk xxoo and then there was one. in what seemed to be a fairly lackluster live episode of the apprentice last MORE

apprentice final two!

hey kids - tgif - and next week is the season finale! im still rooting for tana - but i think kendra may take it in the end - we shall see - enjoy dana's column below - and check out her email from ex-apprentice danny! i love that he came to check out popbytes! i'm so outtie for now! although last night's episode of the apprentice did not include a firing, the excitement was still high as we watched tana and kendra compete in their final MORE

apprentice craig fired! 2 left!

hey kids! here be dana's latest musing on the apprentice it's just the final two now! two women! a woman shall claim apprentice victory at last! you go tana! so, the commercials didn't lie. in the first 15 minutes, mr. trump brought the final three down to the final two. four various high-profile CEOs interviewed each of the final three candidates; craig, kendra and tana. overwhelmingly, each CEO felt that craig lacked any "substance" and MORE

alex – fired apprentice!

hey boys & girls! here is dana's latest musing on the apprentice - thanks to her as always! the final three now! you go tana! i swear to god, i was on the edge of my seat last night. last night's apprentice started with the remaining four players meeting up at trump's flashy towers. because alex was the last remaining player on net worth, he was asked to select a magna player to join him. although it would have been cool to see a head-on MORE

bren got fired! apprentice!

hey kids! oh i so needed friday! here are dana's latest musings on the apprentice - thanks to her as always for her sassy column! it's getting down to the wire! the final four! go tana! for anyone that caught last night's apprentice may have seen a few mistakes. rather than discuss the show as a whole, and give a synopsis, etc., etc. i thought i would run through the major mistakes of the evening: 1 Alex decides to forgo from MORE

apprentice chris fired!

hey kids! its getting down to the final five! read on below for dana's latest take on the apprentice! i agree with her chris has a heart - and i got weepy too! popbytes out on a friday! so, middway through last night's episode...i was ready to come into work and write my article, completely slamming chris for not being strong enough with alex when he saw that alex didn't get the right shots of the car during the photo shoot. or for not putting a MORE

apprentice! arrest!

hey kids - i love a gal who is on top of her show! look what happened over the weekened! i bet you're used to hearing from me after the thursday episodes of the apprentice...but when apprentice drama calls, i be listening. chris, the tobacco chewing, angry little 21 year-old from the "street smarts" side was arrested saturday at the hard rock hotel & casino in tampa. chris was taken into custody at around 3:30am and placed behind bars for MORE

apprentice – down to six!

hey kids! TGIF! its getting down to the final six! next week looks crazy! read on below for dana's latest take on the apprentice! popbytes out for now! what a twist. last night's episode of the apprentice really threw me for a loop... so both teams get the opportunity to design clothing for american eagle outfitters that allow teens to have easy access to popular technology. team magna, led by tana (love her!) started off on the right foot by MORE

apprentice update by dana!

hey kids! gosh it's april! and tomorrow night we have to put our clocks forward - and we lose one hour of sleep this weekend! the horror! read on below for the latest update on last night's apprentice! yet another great episode of the apprentice. in last night's task, both teams needed to work with domino's pizza to create two new pizza recipes and sell their pizzas out of 'mobile shops'. after trump introduced the challenge by adding that MORE

quick apprentice update

hey kids - a short and sweet sum up from pal dana on the apprentice - oh that erin just had to run her mouth! "last night was fantastic! however, due to the holiday weekend, i've kept my musing fairly brief. • tana...i love you. you and craig were absolute stars last night. • erin...thank god i won't have to look at you anymore. trump was right. you're annoying and you think you're so fabulous as a 26 year-old lawyer. sweetheart, MORE

apprentice season recap!

hey kiddies - it's friday - and you know what that means - dana on the apprentice - last night was a bit of a recap...i will be around this weekend - so expect some new posts...popbytes out for now! ah. so, if you're like me, you felt that last night's episode of the apprentice was a huge let down. although we were all expecting really great behind the scenes shots and things that didn't make it to TV, i felt that most of what we saw was the same MORE