Mariah, Nicki and Randy are all done judging ‘Idol’

Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj and Randy Jackson

American Idol has been hurtin' as of late, with viewership dropping off rather steeply and a season largely dominated by the contrived Nicki Minaj / Mariah Carey feud. Well, it's not going to get any better any time soon, as Mariah and Nicki are both jumping ship after one year, and Randy Jackson, the last original judge on the show, is also reportedly leaving, according to HuffPo ... In a statement, Fox, FremantleMedia and 19 Entertainment MORE

Who’s ready for ‘American Idol’ season 12?

Mariah Carey, Keith Urban and Nicki Minaj

A few days ago I was able to attend the official kick-off event (held at UCLA) for the upcoming premiere of American Idol, can you believe we're already on season twelve? All of the judges were in attendance along with host Ryan Seacrest, after about an hour of clips from the two-hour premiere, they all sat down for a little Q&A session with the audience! After the preview, I can definitely say this is going to be one of Idol's best seasons yet, MORE

Phillip Phillips is our new ‘American Idol’

Phillip Phillips

Oh, yeah, spoiler alert I guess. Anyway, Phillip Phillips, he of the impossibly repetitive name (why would you give your kid that name?) won American Idol last night, just edging out the equally talented Jessica Sanchez. So look forward to both of them releasing one song each before never being heard from again. Sanchez said she had a hunch that Phillips, 21, "was going to win the whole thing" when the top 3 was announced (Joshua Ledet was MORE

An ‘Idol’ hopeful is getting kicked out for lying

Jermaine Jones

I haven't been watching American Idol this season, mostly because whoever wins is just going to have one mediocre song on the radio before fading back into obscurity and mall tours. Anyway, apparently things are actually getting interesting on the show for once because one of the contestants, Jermaine Jones, is getting kicked off the show for lying about his criminal past as well as lying about a supposedly absentee father. TMZ reports: We're MORE

Get Over It: The James Durbin Edition!

Lady Gaga on American Idol

James Durbin (aka the Adam Lambert wannabe) is speaking out about how he felt uncomfortable with Lady Gaga's mentoring session this past week on American Idol. I haven't been a big fan of this season but I thought Gaga actually offered up great advice and helped everyone's performances. The funny thing is that after she showed James how to move his hips, he ended up not taking her advice during his performance of Love Potion No. 9, and guess MORE

Lady Gaga wore penis heels on ‘Idol’ last night!

Lady Gaga

Did you happen to catch American Idol last night? I passed on this season because the show kind of passed its expiration date after that dude with the grey hair won (Taylor Hicks?) and I haven't really bothered with it since, plus there's no sign of Simon Cowell or Paula Abdul. Anyway, Lady Gaga was on the show last night to mentor the contestants (what does that mean? No clue, but apparently it's very important and worthy of Gaga's precious MORE

The Idol house is haunted now. Uh-huh. Sure.

American Idol

Normally, when a show's rating start dwindling after a couple seasons, the producers get desperate and try to bring in new viewers by shaking things up a bit. You know, introduce new regular characters, get rid of old ones, throw in some random plot twists that make no sense. Case in point: The American Idol contestants reportedly moved out of the house they were staying in because it was haunted or some shit. Seriously. But the paranormal MORE

J.Lo Hates being on ‘American Idol’

So despite being on America Idol for all of ... what, like a month? Barely half a season? J.Lo has already come out and said that she hates having to be on the show. I mean, mind you it was because she hated having to reject a contestant, but still, what are the chances she cries herself to sleep every night while drinking from a Coke cup? J.Lo in particular had a difficult time becoming J.No. She seemed in agony the first time she was shown MORE

Who did Jennifer Lopez’s hair? It looks terrible!

It's official ... Earlier today FOX (with the help of Ryan Seacrest) unveiled the new judge line-up for the upcoming tenth season of American Idol ... Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez! The show just isn't going to be the same without Simon Cowell but I'll probably tune in anyways ... I can never pass up a train wreck .. and speaking of wrecks ... who the hell did Jennifer Lopez's hair?! It looks totally awful - I don't know if it's MORE

JLo’s getting $12 million to judge a karaoke contest

Oh glory be hallelujah, the long national nightmare has ended restarted: Jennifer Lopez has finalized her deal to be a judge on American Idol because... well, let's face it here, the girl's not doing anything else, is she? Remember that crappy song about shoes? No? Neither does anyone else. A month after the singer-actress's initial deal with American Idol fell apart -- thanks, in part, to demands that had gotten "out of hand," according to a MORE

lopez, out!

Just in case American Idol needed yet another nail into their coffin, Jennifer Lopez, who was scheduled to be one of the new judges after Simon Cowell, Ellen DeGeneres and that other chick no one cares about left, has also been canned from the show for being a gigantic diva bitch. No way, really? I think the only thing that surprises me about this is that someone out there couldn't actually see this coming. Jennifer Lopez won't be a judge on MORE

well that was quick: ellen leaves ‘idol’

Showing once and for all that the woman can spot a sinking ship before it even hits the iceberg, Ellen DeGeneres has ditched American Idol after one long, pitchy season to focus on her talk show and attempt to repair what little remains of her ear drums. All I can say is, between Ellen, PillPopper (Paula) and ManTits (Simon) leaving the show, either it's going downhill or Randy Jackson hungers. "A couple months ago, I let Fox and the American MORE

crystal bowersox must win ‘american idol’!

i seriously can't believe i went for an entire season of american idol without blogging weekly about the show like i used to back in the good days! my last 'idol' post was back in february when the top twenty-four hopefuls were unveiled - even though i've been watching each week - i still say this is the worst season of the show ever - yet i do really like crystal bowersox - she was the show's saving grace! plus as much as i missed paula abdul's MORE

meet your ‘american idol’ top 24!

hey! even though i'm still upset & bitter about paula abdul being absent from the new season of american idol - i'm still watching the show (now in its 9th season) i can't help myself and just tonight i was thinking that ellen degeneres is turning out to be a decent fit for the competition so far! (but ms. abdul will be forever my girl) now all the idol hopefuls have been narrowed down to the top 24 contestants (12 boys / 12 girls - pictures and MORE