just because he’s cute: trevor donovan

hey hey! how's everyone doing? it's like sweltering here in los angeles - the past couple of days have been so damn hot and muggy - plus with the fires burning (thankfully not close to me) the air quality has been shady - i seriously can't wait for cooler temperatures! while were on the topic of heat ... get a look at super cutie trevor donovan showing off his amazing body - oh those abs - damn! he recently joined the cast of 90210 which returns MORE

just because he’s cute: david beckham

good evening - oh i finally made it to friday evening! i was shocked to discover i haven't featured david beckham yet on my just because he's cute column (i wonder what i'll do if i ever run out of cuties?!?) so i had to toss up these adorable pictures of becks arriving at washington DC's airport - wearing the cutest plaid shirt - and he even stopped to sign some autographs for a swarm of fans! oh my gosh - if i saw him in person - i'd totally MORE

just because he’s cute: eric bana

good evening! although aussie cutie eric bana's film the time traveler's wife (also starring rachel mcadams) isn't really my type of movie - i did get an email from my dear mom earlier today - she went to see it and liked it plus she also mentioned you get to see mr. bana's naked behind - oh now i might have to go see it! eric was on the red carpet in new york city for the film's premiere with his (lucky bitch) wife rebecca gleeson - they do MORE

just because he’s cute (& shirtless): eric dane

good evening! so when i saw these sexy and shirtless pics of grey's anatomy hunk eric dane - i knew i'd have to post 'em here on popbytes - he's so damn hot - i don't even watch that show anymore (i used too) and yet i'm still a huge fan of 'dr. mcsteamy'! he was filming a movie up in malibu called valentine's day which i'm sure must be some kind of way lame romantic comedy but seeing mr. dane go shirtless would definitely be worth the cost of a MORE

just because he’s cute: jude law

good evening! i can't believe it's already friday night - this week flew by and of course totally drained me again so this weekend i'm going to recharge my batteries by getting lots of extra sleep! anyways this week it was announced that hunky actor jude law is about to become a dad for the fourth time (somebody needs to pick up mr. law an economy size box of condoms next time they're at costco) he's really talented and quite handsome but it's MORE

just because he’s cute: taylor lautner

good evening! i'm beyond thrilled to be staying in tonight ... this week totally drained me (but it was so worth it - each night was amazing) and i seriously need to rest up for sunday - i'll be covering the red carpet arrivals at comedy central's roast of funny lady joan rivers (hosted by kathy griffin) and then i need to run back to hollywood to catch the legendary grace jones in her very first concert at the hollywood bowl ... squeal! so about MORE

just because he’s cute: tyson ritter

hey hey! it's finally friday night and i'm super jazzed up to head over to the greek theatre here in los angeles to catch my favorite lady of music - tori amos on her sinful attraction tour - in support of her latest album abnormally attracted to sin - everyone knows i'm a huge fan - besides creating brilliant music for over fifteen years now - she's amazing live! i've been keeping an eye on her recent set lists (over on undented) i hope she MORE

just because he’s cute: cristiano ronaldo

good evening! although he's not nearly as hot as fellow soccer (or football if you prefer) player david beckham - but cristiano ronaldo (who hails from portugal) is pretty damn cute - a couple of weeks ago he was here in los angeles - supposedly cozying up with paris hilton but thankfully she didn't manage to sink her grimy claws into him! now there are rumors she might be getting back together with her loser ex-boyfriend doug reinhardt - maybe MORE

just because he’s cute: kris smith

good evening y'all! so i was browsing through some recent paparazzi pics and i came across aussie singer dannii minogue (younger sister of kylie minogue) hanging out with some super cute guy ... after a drop of research i found out the hottie is her boyfriend - former UK rugby player kris smith ... damn - he is adorable (she's not such a bad catch either!) dannii has been dating him since last year - gosh she's a lucky lady - just like victoria MORE

just because he’s cute: john stamos

oh my gosh! i've had a crush on john stamos for as long as i can remember - everyone had a thing for 'uncle jesse' on full house (he was also cute on general hospital as 'blackie parrish') thankfully mr. stamos has aged really well - at age 45 he's still sexy as ever (he turns 46 in august) plus according to denise richards he's really good in the bedroom - i'm very surprised someone else hasn't snatched him up ... he split with rebecca romijn MORE

just because he’s cute: ed westwick

good evening! the internet is ablaze right now with talk of gossip girl star leighton meester's sex tape that was made back in 2004 and will probably soon be making its way to the web after whoever owns the tape - sells it! once again the lesson here is - don't have sex on tape unless you want it to be released someday because inevitably it will - especially if you happen to be a celebrity! tonight i don't have ms. meester's sex tape but i do MORE

just because he’s cute: chris pine

good evening! oh i'm beyond happy it's friday night right now - i'm simply drained from this past week! thankfully i have no major plans this weekend - monday night i'm going to see a camp (nina persson is the leader singer - formerly of the cardigans) and then tuesday i'm trying to get into the bat for lashes show but it's all sold-out and it sounds like the list is very tight (if anyone out there can help me out - please let me know - i LOVE MORE

just because he’s cute: adam levine

good evening y'all! i'm getting ready to leave and head downtown to the mark taper forum for the opening night of oleanna - a revival of david mamet's 1992 play - starring bill pullman and julia stiles - i haven't seen a straight play (as opposed to a musical) in quite a long time - so it should be interesting - plus i finally get to see and catch up with my pal joey! right now i'm going to leave you pictures of adorable and sexy maroon 5 MORE

Just Because He’s Cute: Bradley Cooper

good evening everyone! oh i had a splendid day hanging out with my friend - i finally managed to make it to ketchup on sunset for lunch - i've been meaning to go forever - i thought the food was really tasty - the macaroni & cheese with white truffle and crabmeat was simply divine! now i'm bringing y'all something even tastier - mr. bradley cooper who i've had a serious crush on since he was on alias - he's super adorable! he was recently linked MORE