filmbytes: gaga and madonna – peas in a pod?

True story! Last night I saw Lady Gaga at Madison Square Garden and this morning in the supermarket for a Diet Coke run -- no, I wasn't going to glue the cans in my hair -- I was replaying the concert in my brain. Suddenly the store manager calls out over the PA system "ALEJANDRO. ALEJANDRO." LOL. He didn't tell this "Alejandro" which aisle to go to and sadly he did not follow it up with a "I just can't be with you like theeez anymore... MORE

filmbytes: six degrees of … kenny wormald?

More 80s remakes are on the way. Footloose was announced long before the new Karate Kid did Kung Fu on the box office charts -- pardon the mixed martial arts metaphor -- but it's finally got a principal cast and a release date. It'll open in April 2011. Today they announced that dancer Kenny Wormald won the lead role (once meant for Zac Efron). Kenny will kick of his Sunday shoes to cut loose, footloose in the famous Kevin Bacon role. The MORE

filmbytes: hugh jackman: he’s a dancer!

Like MK I was thrilled to get the 15th Anniversary of Showgirls on Blu-Ray, so I couldn't resist this title even though we're talking about Hugh Jackman and not some whorey Vegas stripper. He's not an action star, he's a dancer! Well, actually he's both even though he's giving his action star self a lot more of time lately. Here's the first still from his next film Real Steel and a picture of Hugh on set. In the new movie, set in the near MORE

filmbytes: back in the habit!

I watched Gaga's Alejandro music video way too many times yesterday, so nuns are on the brain. I didn't grow up Catholic so nuns always mean movies to me. Usually movie nuns aren't wearing red pleather or swallowing rosaries but it's not like they've never gotten "hot like Mex-i-co" onscreen. Movie nuns are much freakier than their real-life counterparts. They've been known to fly (The Flying Nun), give birth (Agnes of God), marry captains with MORE

filmbytes: marilyn monroe at 84

Marilyn Monroe was born on June 1st all the way back in 1926 when movies were still silent. Sound hit Hollywood movies the very next year. Just in time you might say since Marilyn had one of the most memorable movie voices ever, all breathy, affected 'who me?' innocence, from those kissable lips. Strangely, Marilyn is best loved today in complete silence. People buy up countless images of her face and body on calendars and posters and merchandise MORE

filmbytes: there’s no place like franchises

Shrek Forever After, which opened at the top of the box office heap, promises to be the "final chapter" of the green ogre's adventures. You shouldn't really believe it since since all blockbuster franchises are eternal. Why would Hollywood ever close down their top money-making factories? Still it does seem like a lot of things have been ending recently: Lost, Lindsay Lohan's career (again), Melissa Etheridge's marriage, Simon Cowell on American MORE

filmbytes: ms. cotillard and her mysterious handbag

Have you seen the Lady Dior commercials starring Marion Cotillard? The word "commercial" doesn't do them justice since they're expensive short films. In the new short (number three of four) a blue Dior bag haunts the Oscar-winning beauty. The commercial was directed by weirdo genius David Lynch (of Mulholland Drive and Twin Peaks fame). He sends Cotillard wandering through spooky hotels and running through Shanghai at night until she finally MORE

filmbytes: let’s hear it for the golden girls …

Iron Man 2 accounted for 70% or so of all movie tickets sold this weekend at the movies which might suggest it's still a teen fanboy's world. Despite all the talk about Iron Men maybe this year belongs to the Steel Magnolias? I don't mean Dolly, Sally & Julia... but women of a certain age and older! By the time the weekend wrapped wasn't it 88-year-old Betty White and not Robert Downey Jr. that everyone was tweeting about? Hollywood is MORE