FilmBytes: ‘The King’s Speech’ … Oscars and Broadway?

The Great White Way (also known as Broadway) gets more and more like a ridiculously expensive movie theater every year. There are just so many movie adaptations on the stage. I love movies and I love Broadway but I don't want them to be the same thing. There are 40 Broadway theaters and of the shows playing or debuting this season a huge chunk are based on movies/television: BILLY ELLIOTT, MARY POPPINS, WOMEN ON THE VERGE OF A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN, MORE

FilmBytes: Michelle Williams is awesome!

Did you know back when you were watching Dawson's Creek that Michelle Williams would one day leave all her co-stars in the dust, moving on to film stardom, an Oscar nomination (Brokeback Mountain), and predictable acclaim for each new movie? She's won a level of respect within the industry that young actors dream of. That respect and talent didn't help Michelle with the MPAA, the board that rates movies, though. They slapped her next movie BLUE MORE

FilmBytes: Maggie & Jake to make more movies together?

Are Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal your favorite Hollywood siblings? If so bad news: it doesn't seem like they'll be acting together any time soon. Early in their careers they did play brother and sister onscreen (Donnie Darko, 2001) but they have no plans to do so again. Jake spoke about Maggie frequently during his interview at the New Yorker Festival on Saturday which I had the pleasure of attending but he crushed fan hopes when answering a MORE

FilmBytes: Menke & Tarantino: A classic movie marriage

I was so sad this morning to hear about the death of Oscar nominated film editor Sally Menke (Pulp Fiction, Inglourious Basterds). She's best known for editing all of Quentin Tarantino movies. She was right there at the beginning of his career, helping choose the best takes for that amazing "Like a Virgin" riff at the start of Reservoir Dogs. She made sure Uma & Travolta looked impossibly cool on the dance floor in Pulp Fiction. She cut those MORE

FilmBytes: Clint Eastwood’s gay film?

Clint Eastwood turned eighty earlier this summer but he's obviously not the retiring kind. He makes more movies than most directors half his age. Hereafter, a new supernatural drama starring Matt Damon opens in a month and then he's shooting a biopic on J. Edgar Hoover, the infamous first Director of the FBI who wielded enormous power and also lived a scandalous closeted life. You wouldn't necessarily expect Clint Eastwood, that cultural icon of MORE

FilmBytes: Attack of the remakes!

The Toronto International Film Festival is in full swing and early reviews are good for LET ME IN, the remake of Swedish vampire flick LET THE RIGHT ONE IN. The new version stars Kodi Smit-McPhee (Viggo Mortensen's son in The Road) and Chloe Moretz (Kick-Ass). But honestly, the first one is barely two years old and it's *so* good that I highly urge all of you to watch it before it gets 'replaced'. That's the saddest thing about the remake and MORE

FilmBytes: Black Swans in Venice

The Venice Film Festival starts tomorrow. International celebs and important movie folk will be there to attend the opening night film, Darren Aronofsky's BLACK SWAN. Natalie Portman plays a ballerina and the movie looks sensational. The only way Venice could be any more enticing tomorrow night is if Madonna were inexplicably in town to recreate her writhing-in-the-gondola Like a Virgin video. All of Aronofsky's movies (The Fountain, Requiem for MORE

FilmBytes: Jennifer Aniston, Please ‘Switch’ back to TV!

Jennifer Aniston's new artificial insemination comedy The Switch failed to hit big in its crowded opening weekend (Five new wide releases? Craziness) but Hollywood isn't likely to give up on her as a leading lady. Her movies are rarely memorable or well reviewed but they do okay and occasionally break out. That's apparently enough when you're as well liked as she. What's more troubling is that her movie characters just aren't as awesome or funny MORE

FilmBytes: Anne and Jake – Love is Their Drug!

Remember when Brokeback Mountain's Jack Twist attempted to avoid his feelings for Ennis Del Mar by marrying a cowgirl? Well that unhappy couple, Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway to be exact, are giving romance another go in Love and Other Drugs. (Watch the trailer below) It's not their first time at the rodeo (sorry!) but this time they look a lot happier, at least until Anne gets sick. This looks like a great role for Hathaway. Jake: MORE

FilmBytes: Mia Farrow Vs. Naomi Campbell!

Have you been following that blood diamonds trial? The legendary Mia Farrow is testifying against supermodel Naomi Campbell. Naomi had claimed that she didn't know where certain "dirty stones" came from. Mia begs to differ. Weird trivia note: They've been co-stars before, supporting Sarah Jessica Parker in her pre Sex & The City days in Miami Rhapsody (1995). A friend of mine tweeted that he was worried for Mia's safety. Everyone knows you don't MORE

filmbytes: jake, maggie, diane … and helena?!

Have you seen Vanity Fair's Best Dressed List for 2010? As per usual, providing red carpet thrills during awards season is a great way to grab the attention of list makers. Carey Mulligan, Diane Kruger and the Gyllenhaals all made it and they worked award season like pros in the early weeks of 2010. I can't wait to see who'll make a splash this coming Oscar season. I'm hoping for a glorious comeback for Nicole Kidman or maybe lots of red carpet MORE

filmbytes: a mad man goes to town

It's hard to think about the movies when this entire week has been about Mad Men. It's such a great show. Jon Hamm is ruling the small screen as 'Don Draper' but the big screen is in the near future. This September he's a tough FBI agent interrogating the likes of Ben Affleck, Rebecca Hall and Blake Lively in the crime thriller THE TOWN. That movie will play at the Toronto International Film Festival in September. Toronto is often used as a MORE

filmbytes: jennifer lawrence, gold and blue

Remember when we'd never heard of Carey Mulligan or Kristen Stewart? The Hollywood machine is always on and churning out new stars. You may have seen one just this weekend at INCEPTION. How about that Tom Hardy as 'The Forger', anyway? He totally stole the movie! (He'll soon take over Mel Gibson's star-making role in the next Mad Max movie.) You might not have heard of 19-year-old Jennifer Lawrence yet but by this time next year, she'll be a MORE

filmbytes: the girl with the multiple tattoos

Everywhere I look people are reading that Swedish Girl With the Dragon Tattoo trilogy. I feel left out. Have any of y'all read it? The second movie in the series, The Girl Who Played With Fire, is already in theaters. The first, Dragon Tattoo, is the biggest foreign hit of the year and the American remake (from The Curious Case of Benjamin Button director David Fincher) is already in development. Speaking of girls with ink, 'The Girl With the MORE