Victoria Beckham is flawless!

Victoria Beckham

Everyone rags on poor Victoria Beckham from everything to her weight to her inability to smile. I think it’s just jealousy. She looks incredible on the March 2013 cover of Elle UK in head to toe Burberry. Her long hair is also in full effect, which took me a long time to get used to. I was such a fan of the “posh bob” and her pixie cut that when she started to let her hair grow, I was heartbroken. I got over it quickly though. How many MORE

Victoria Beckham’s son Romeo is gainfully employed!

Romeo Beckham / Burberry

On the off chance that you were aching for more Beckham in your fashion industry, Burberry announced today that ten-year-old Romeo Beckham, the second oldest of David and Victoria Beckham, is the new face of the brand’s Spring/Summer 2013 campaign. While it would be remarkably easy to make a joke about how Romeo is smiling more in the 34-second campaign video than his mother ever has in her life, we shall refrain. The adorable video, which was MORE

David Beckham and his baby girl Harper Seven!

David Beckham and Harper Seven Beckham

This is seriously the most adorable picture of sexy daddy David Beckham holding his new daughter, Harper Seven Beckham, born just ten days ago on July 7th. His (super lucky) wife Victoria Beckham posted the picture on her Twitter account earlier today. This is the couple's fourth child, they already have three boys (Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz). Congrats to the entire family, I bet Victoria loves having some more girl power in her clan, Harper MORE

Victoria and David Beckham had a baby girl!

David and Victoria Beckham

A little known fact about the world of gossip: everything is cyclical. I swear to God, this is true. Think of it this way: everyone gets engaged (then subsequently pregnant) in the late fall/early winter, has babies during the summer, then spends fall gathering nuts, seeds and berries during the fall in order to last them through their hibernation. Or is that woodland creatures? I get them confused sometimes. Anyway, the baby cycle is upon us, as MORE

Daphne Guinness denies jab at Victoria Beckham!

Daphne Guinness and Victoria Beckham

Daphne Guinness the artist, heiress, and couture aficionado has recently been attributed to a few choice comments pertaining to ex- Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham. In an interview with journalist Camilla Long for the Sunday Times magazine, Daphne vented about Beckham’s success as a designer, “Of course she’s going to make money - she’s backed by Simon Fuller. I don’t have anyone. She annoys the shit out of me.” Other comments attributed MORE

David and Victoria Beckham expecting a girl!

David and Victoria Beckham

I knew Victoria Beckham totally wanted a little girl after having three boys (Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz) with her super hot hubby, David Beckham. Word just broke last night (via People) that she is indeed expecting a girl, due to be born in July! Congrats to the sexy couple, even amidst all the split and cheating rumors over the years, these two have somehow managed to keep their marriage intact. If I were Victoria, I would never be able to part MORE

Golden Balls Has Still Got It!

As if you needed another reminder that David Beckham's genitals still work (you do, don't lie), it looks like he managed to knock up his wife. Which confuses me since Victoria Beckham weighs about as much helium and by the looks of, and couldn't accommodate anything larger than a crayon without being split down the middle. Soccer star David Beckham and his supermodel wife,Victoria, are set to expand their brood this summer. "David and Victoria MORE

david beckham in a suit – le sigh!

hey hey! i'm about to run out the door to catch a screening of tom ford's directorial debut a single man (which i posted about on popbytes a few weeks ago - i can't wait to see it) and then i'm going to drop by showtime's holiday party for a bit - so i'm leaving you with these totally delicious pictures of david beckham who was spotted out with his wife (lucky lady) victoria beckham in london - the couple attended a fancy dinner to celebrate the MORE

yay or nay? victoria beckham

good evening! normally i usually like most everything victoria beckham wears - it's always slightly over the top and dramatic - she definitely has a incredible sense of style (and $$$ to pay for it) but she was spotted out in this outfit you see below (at fashion's night out - held at bergdorf goodman over in NYC) i think it's totally ugly ... that print is awful and the top looks so stiff - it almost looks like a lampshade! my vote is for sure MORE

david beckham loves italia

good morning! this past weekend the world's hotttest couple david and victoria beckham celebrated ten years of marriage (the couple married over in ireland on july 4th, 1999) by escaping for a bit to the seychelles islands over in the indian ocean which look totally magnificent and romantic - but nothing is more magnificent than seeing mr. beckham in his tight white bathing suit - with the word ITALIA written across his bum! (too bad there's no MORE

victoria beckham – spotted in the same outfit!

good evening! this might be totally shocking but it's true - victoria beckham was spotted yesterday wearing the exact same outfit she wore back in november (oh my word!) right down to the same watch - the international fashion alarm has been sounded - this is tell-tale sign that the global economy is truly in a deep recession - you know things are bad when ms. beckham actually has to wear her clothes more than once (thank heavens no one takes MORE

victoria beckham is ready to flash us!

good morning and happy friday! here's a fun little game to keep you busy for a few minutes at least ... victoria beckham arrived at london's heathrow airport early this morning wearing a shiny silver trench coat - the big question to be answered is - what is victoria wearing underneath her coat? it looks like nothing to me - she probably slept in her panties and bra on the plane and then tossed on the coat to make a run to her waiting limo - MORE

david & victoria beckham launch fragrances

good evening! earlier today one of the world's most beautiful couples (IMHO) david & victoria beckham launched their brand new fragrances (signature for him and her) over at macy's (herald square) in NYC - of course they both looked totally fierce - especially david - who else can get away with wearing an ugly suit like that?!? gosh he's so damn handsome (i swear i could write a blog just dedicated to him!) plus i adore posh's new short MORE

victoria beckham’s dramatic new haircut!

oh my gosh - there's definitely something different about victoria beckham - girlfriend was hanging with jennifer lopez at the marc jacobs fashion show earlier this evening over in NYC and was sporting a dramatic new super short haircut (plus it looks like ms. beckham went darker with the color) i feel like she's been sporting that bob style of hers forever so this is a nice change of pace - posh goes pixie! (the latest news on her hottie hubby MORE