Who’s that white girl standing next to Alicia Keys?

Alicia Keys

Of course Alicia Keys is a light-skinned black woman, but her wax figure recently unveiled at Madame Tussauds' infamous wax museum in New York City (in celebration of the 10th anniversary of her incredible debut album Songs in A Minor) is definitely a bit on the whiter side of things, she looks like Melanie C. of Spice Girls fame with her hair pulled back! There's been a number of incidents like this, most notably Beyoncé being made lighter in MORE

Listen: Björk’s ‘Crystalline’

Björk - Crystalline

September is going to be a very good month, not only are we getting a new Tori Amos album (Night Of Hunters), there's also Björk's seventh solo album, Biophilia. I've always been a huge fan of our crazy, sexy and cool Icelandic girl but over the past few years I felt like we lost touch, yet based upon the album's first completely kick-ass single Crystalline (listen below) I'm super excited at the prospect of spending some much needed time MORE

Jennifer Hudson’s ‘No One Gonna Love You’ video!

Jennifer Hudson

I actually totally love Jennifer Hudson, because I think she's talented as hell, beautiful, and so far the only American Idol star to ever break out of the mold. That being said, this video is ... all kinds of wrong. Don't get me wrong, the high-class overalls are actually a killer look on her and the song is amazing, but somewhere between the product placements and the fact that she plays a woman with trust issues that are suddenly remedied by MORE

Miley Cyrus could have used an undercover bodyguard!

Miley Cyrus

Apparently, crazy little girl fans are the new teacup puppies and adopted babies because everyone who's anyone has them! While in concert the other night, Miley Cyrus was rushed by a crazy fan who sneaked onstage and tried to dry-hump her, only to be taken right the fuck down by security. Once again, there's a video, but TMZ is apparently allergic to embed code because those bitches aren't giving us an inch here. Come on, guys, share with the MORE

Justin Bieber got tackled by an undercover cop!

Justin Bieber

You know, two days ago I was bitching about how fucking slow the news day was. Now I'm getting hit with the double-whammy that is Lindsay Lohan drinking enough booze tea to set off an alcohol test and Justin Bieber apparently getting tackled by an undercover cop. I'm assuming he dived slow-motion in front of a bullet while Whitney Houston sang I Will Always Love You in the background. Bieber was signing autographs outside of Macy's when the MORE

Chris Brown is still an angry homophobe!

Chris Brown

In case you're wondering, today's theme is "Stupid fuck-up coddled celebrities who will never learn from their mistakes". Anyway, despite flashing his cutesy little diploma on Twitter saying he's not a self-centered angry douche, Chris Brown got in trouble again yesterday after he nearly got a parking ticket, and then blamed it on the paparazzi and called them all gay, because somehow being attracted to people of the same sex = snitch. Before MORE

Weird Al’s ‘Perform This Way’ music video!

Weird Al Yankovic - Peform This Way

I know, I know: Two videos starring drag queens in one day? I may be painting myself into a corner here. Anyway, the music video for the canceled-but-then-not-canceled Weird Al Yankovic song, Perform This Way, has been released and I was totally ready to compliment Al on a killer tuck until I realized he actually just digitally plastered his own face on a dancer's body. Bad Weird Al, BAD! Go back to the Raja video and take some notes on how a MORE

Chris Brown and Justin Bieber’s new video

Justin Bieber and Chris Brown

Below is the new video for Chris Brown and Justin Bieber's new single Next 2 You, and what the song lacks in proper grammatical structure, it also lacks in pretty much everything else. The video also happens to look and sound exactly like that 2012 movie, only instead of John Cusack it stars a woman beater and the world's teensiest lesbian. If this video were any more lifelike, Chris would have run over his video girlfriend with his car while MORE

Is Miley Cyrus back with Liam Hemsworth?

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

Remember a little while back when Miley Cyrus started dating Chris Hemsworth's little-and-not-as-hot-but-cuter brother Liam Hemsworth? Well, according to Miley's brother who had that one song and then kinda fell off the face of the earth, the two of them are back together. Meh, why not, they were pretty cute together. Miley Cyrus has reconciled with actor boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, according to her rocker brother Trace. The pop star/actress MORE

Rebecca Black: It’s ______, ______, gotta get down on ______!

Rebecca Black

Because all terrible things must come to an end eventually, Rebecca Black has officially yanked her video for Friday from Youtube because of an argument with Ark Music, the fake record label that profits off the delusions of teenagers with rich parents. This all comes a few days after they tried to make people pay to watch the video. No, seriously. She wanted people to pay ($2.99) to witness whatever the hell that was. TMZ spoke with a rep for MORE

Metallica fans rejoice?

Metallica and Lou Reed

In a sordid twist of events, famed modern metal band Metallica has joined forces with none other than The Velvet Underground alumni Lou Reed. Yes, the Lou Reed, though there were clues, guitarist Kirk Hammett hinted at it by saying their next album would “not [be] really 100% a Metallica record”, it’s still a surprise. The pairing has even already completed that full album collaboration according to an announcement on their website MORE

Rye Rye’s ‘Never Will Be Mine’ video featuring Robyn!

Rye Rye - Never Will Be Mine - featuring Robyn

Don't know who Baltimore rapper Rye Rye is? Me neither. But the up and coming hip-hoptress has a new single out (and an album out later this year) that features a sample of Swedish pop sensation Robyn's acoustic piano version of Be Mine! (which, by the way, is easily the most depressing song to ever require an exclamation mark in its name) and honestly? It's not bad at all. Mostly because it has Robyn in it and let's face it, Robyn has never made MORE

Someone tried to kill Joss Stone with a sword!

Joss Stone

In what I can only conclude to be a desperate attempt to prove that Britain is way more batshit insane about their celebrities than the states (Sorry Beliebers! You've just been out-crazied), two men were arrested outside of soul-singer Joss Stone's house the other day, and it turns out they were apparently planning on kidnapping her and killing her with swords. The official statements do not name Stone as the target, but the details all focus MORE

Listen: Shania Twain – Today Is Your Day

Shania Twain - Today Is Your Day

Can you believe it has been almost nine years since country superstar Shania Twain (turning 46 in August) released her fourth studio album Up! back in 2002? During that time out of the spotlight Shania's had many up and downs, including getting a divorce (after finding out her hubby and longtime producer John Mutt Lange was messing around with one of her friends) and then recently got remarried - to the guy whose wife was cheating with Shania's MORE