Jay Z and Solange Knowles got into an elevator fight


So I kind of thought today was going to be a quiet day, since most of the usual suspects are currently wrapped up in all the nothing they do every day and the summer months haven't really kicked in yet. Except nope! We're getting a doozy of a story, as Jay Z and Beyoncé's little sister Solange Knowles got into a fight in an elevator at Rihanna's Met Gala afterparty that culminated in Solange getting physical, watch a bit of the video footage MORE

Justin Bieber responds to Seth Rogen calling him a d**k

Justin Bieber

You'd figure by now that Justin Bieber is fully aware that he is ... let's just say unpleasant to be around. I mean, one person calling you out on dickish behavior is incidental. Twice is troubling. But when the number of people who've called you out on dickish behavior could be written down on an unfurling scroll, you might want to reconsider a few things. Possibly everything. No pressure. Anyway, since Seth Rogen called Justin a dick (and then MORE

Music Video: Sia’s “Chandelier”

Sia "Chandelier"

Don't miss Aussie super talent Sia's new music video for her massive single "Chandelier," the first taste of her upcoming album, 1000 Forms of Fear, due out this summer. Although the reclusive and publicity shy singer / songwriter doesn't make an appearance in the video, Maddie Ziegler of Dance Moms fame puts on a stunning and passionate performance that's not to be missed—enjoy! PS Make sure to create and share your very own #SiaSelfie MORE

Obsessed: Röyksopp and Robyn’s “Do It Again”

Röyksopp and Robyn " Do It Again"

Oh my word, there has been a lot of good new music going around as late ... and this new track from Röyksopp and Robyn called "Do It Again" is no exception. I absolutely LOVE Robyn, ever since her '97 hit song "Show Me Love," she really is one of pop music's brightest talents around, Sweden sure knows how to produce pop stars. I've been itching for some new music from her and this track totally quenched my thirst, it's beyond awesome. I also MORE

Blondie returns with “Sugar On The Side”

Blondie "Sugar On The Side"

I seriously cannot believe that Blondie (led by the legendary Debbie Harry) is celebrating their band's 40th anniversary! To commemorate the milestone, Blondie is releasing their greatest hits (they have plenty of those) redone along with an album of new material called Ghosts of Download, set for release on May 13th (pre-order on iTunes). Catch the new music video for the album's lead single, "Sugar On The Side," below. Debbie will be turning 69 MORE

Instagram hates Rihanna’s boobs


Full disclosure, I don't have an Instagram account and I've never had one. Mostly because I don't get the point of them. Just because you put a sepia filter on your photos, doesn't mean you're #blessed. It means you paid .99 cents for a dumb app to make your photos look worse than they already were. Anyway, now Instagram has decided its too big for its britches by telling Rihanna, one of their more famous users, to stop posting photos with her MORE

Justin Bieber is comparing love to sizzurp

Justin Bieber

Just a quick reminder here, but in Atlanta, Codeine (that thing in sizzurp or lean or whatever it's called) is considered illegal if you have it without a prescription, and can land you in prison for 15 years. So of course, here's Atlanta resident Justin Bieber singing a song about how love is like Codeine, because oh my gawd this idiot. TMZ reports ... but the boys and the girls they don’t know what love is like love is like MORE

Justin Bieber might be planning to propose to Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber

When we last left Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, she had apparently cut off Justin again by unfollowing him, as well as Kendall and Kylie Jenner, on Instagram. And so we continue our tale of Instagram-based romance with this picture of Justin and something about how he's planning on proposing. You know how I know this absolutely won't work? Because you're telegraphing your romantic intentions on a website dedicated to pictures of sepia-toned MORE

Lily Allen is “Sheezus”

Lily Allen "Sheezus"

Give her that crown ... Lily Allen is back—in such a major way. There's about a week left before her highly-anticipated third album Sheezus (iTunes) finally drops on May 5th. Sadly, I thought Lily was completely done with music, her sophomore album It's Not Me, It's You (which I still LOVE) was released five years ago back in 2009, so I was thrilled when I first got word Lily was working on a brand-new album! Thankfully everything I've MORE

Selena Gomez ‘broke up’ with Kendall and Kylie Jenner

Selena Gomez, Kendall and Kylie Jenner

Selena Gomez has been hanging around with Kendall and Kylie Jenner a lot recently, since Kim Kardashian is about to be put out to pasture and Kris Jenner needs a new generation of famewhores to work with. And yet, Kendall and Kylie's meal ticket may already be pulling out. According to TMZ, Selena has apparently broken up with Kendall and Kylie, although if her break ups with Justin Bieber are any indication, she'll just end up reuniting / MORE

Justin Bieber also did something stupid in Japan

Justin Bieber in Japan

Man, this was not a good week for Canadian pop musicians in Japan, was it? First we have Avril Lavigne taking a dump on Hello Kitty, and now we have Justin Bieber visiting a shrine in Tokyo. On the surface, that doesn't sound too bad, until you realize there are apparently 14 war criminals whose souls are enshrined there. Whoops. Anyway, now Justin is trying to pass the blame onto someone else, as the norm with this one. Via The Hollywood MORE

Avril Lavigne is defending that “Hello Kitty” mess

Avril Lavigne

Yesterday, Avril Lavigne the music video for "Hello Kitty," and the world collectively looked around, flustered, and muttered, "wait ... Avril is still a thing?" And then there was a big discussion about whether or not it was racist or cultural appropriation or just garden variety stupid. Well, Avril isn't going to take this sitting down, and has fired back by going on Facebook and typing "LOLOLOL!" So that's the kind of discussion we're having MORE

Stop that Avril Lavigne, just stop that

Avril Lavigne

Because Avril Lavigne is so punk rock, here's her new video for "Hello Kitty," where she sings about an international corporate mascot to dubstep. This might be an unpopular opinion, but Mac and Me was more punk rock and anti-establishment than Avril, and that was a movie about a boy stuffing an E.T. rip-off with McDonald's and Coca-Cola until it sh!t money. This is the musical equivalent of cake farts. MORE

Jay Z and Beyoncé are bailing on Kimye’s wedding

Kanye West, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Kim Kardashian

Remember all those stories about how Beyoncé has been absolutely dreading the idea of going to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding because she can't be around her for more than five seconds without getting a case of the douche chills? Well, according to The Daily Mail, she and hubby Jay Z decided to bail out on the whole big event because they don't want to be on one of the Kardashians' reality TV specials. Austin Powers: Goldmember? Sure, MORE