Rachel Lynn goes acoustic with “Tend to the Flame”

Rachel Lynn

Generally speaking I'm not a singer / songwriter person--I only wanted to go to Lilith Fair that one year Missy Elliott played the main stage. If Solange isn't going to cover it, I'm probably not interested. But I can get beyond this one: Rachel Lynn. Anyone who starts a song with, "a little whiskey and a love song" probably has a Pinterest board with Patsy Cline portraits. She probably likes sparse interiors and metal jewelry and sings in an MORE

Sophie and The Bom Boms bring the “Power”

Sophie and the Bom Boms

On Monday (MOANday) morning everyone use a little power (especially after watching what might have been the most boring Oscar telecast ever)–and that's literally what I have for you in audio format–"Power"–the hot new single from Sophie and The Bom Boms (produced by David Elevator). The band is headed up by LA native singer / songwriter Sophie Stern–who did some writing in the past for acts like Britney Spears (!) and Conor Maynard plus MORE

Roast of Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

If you've ever read an interview about Kate McKinnon on how she creates her characters, you've probably heard her summation of Justin Bieber: A puppy who just piddled on the carpet and is kind of sorry about it. Keep that in mind as you watch the teaser for Comedy Central's Roast of Justin Bieber (March 30), since the overall vibe is that he's sort of sorry and this is an easy out for his bad behavior. If he's really sorry, he'll ditch the MORE

Beware: Ariana Grande’s right side–brings the dark side!

Ariana Grande

Back when the news first broke that Ariana Grande purposely refused to show the right side of her face, I made a joke amongst friends (SHUT UP I HAVE FRIENDS!) that seeing the right side of Ariana's face would bring about the apocalypse. Well, here's the music video for her latest single, "One Last Time," in which we see the right side of her face and the world explodes. So clearly, this one is on me. I apologize. Turns out, the Mayans were onto MORE

MAJOR: Erica Glyn’s ‘Dollars For Thieves’ EP

Erica Glyn Dollar For Thieves EP

There's a lot of talk about the nineties revival going through our culture right now. It's here. It's big. Get used to it.​ We want to wear crop tops again, we want everything to sound hazy and drug-induced ... on and on–and on. Erica Glyn's new EP, Dollars For Thieves is such a perfect throwback to the women of rock, Portishead and Sneaker Pimps. This is what every 'dream of the 90s' montage needs as a soundtrack. With nostalgia this MORE

Giorgio Moroder + Kylie Minogue = “Right Here, Right Now”

Giorgio Moroder + Kylie Minogue = "Right Here, Right Now"

As much as I love to bandy about my indie cred ("Oh, you don't have Dum Dum Girls on your gym playlist? That's okay, a lot of people haven't heard "Bedroom Eyes" either. Hold on, I have to accept my trophy for Most Exhausting Person Ever")–I will forever and always be a total stan for Kylie Minogue. She's hands down one of the best pop singers out there. Hell, she's who Madonna wishes she had grown into. Anyway, here's "Right Here, Right Now," MORE

Album Review: Fifth Harmony drop Reflection; remain flawless!

Fifth Harmony Reflections

After releasing their Better Together EP in 2013, the girls of Fifth Harmony have officially arrived with the girl power-dropping full-length debut studio album, Reflection. I have been listening to this album for over two weeks–and now ready to publicly announce my deep obsession with these ladies. Each song is a possible hit, thanks to the incredible management of Simon Cowell and LA Reid as well as the all-star team of producers including MORE

Charlie XCX + Rita Ora = “Doing It”

Charlie XCX + Rita Ora = "Doing It"

My favorite thing about the web -- other than bitchy fashion blogs and Drag Race .GIFs (oh and porn) is the fact that it really does function as a great equalizer when it comes to media. It used be that if you wanted to get played, you had to have a label behind you to do all your PR. Nowadays, Twitter and Tumblr are easily viable options willing to share lesser known artists who actually make great songs. Granted, you still need luck, but at MORE

All Tied Up: FKA Twigs’ “Pendulum”

FKA Twigs / "Pendulum"

A quick aside here: At my dayjob (Northbound Leather), there's a TV behind the cash register that runs footage from our past fashion shows. One of my favorite bits to watch comes from Bento, which features a rope bondage suspension that creates, as I put it, a human chandelier. Super cool stuff. Anyway, I bring this up because FKA Twigs' new music video for "Pendulum" features tons of amazing rope work, including some seriously impressive MORE

Music Video / Sia / “Elastic Heart”

Sia / "Elastic Heart"

Hey everyone–happy new year! I wanted to drop in and quickly let you all know that PopBytes is currently undergoing a massive overhaul behind the scenes–the main content of the site will be shifting to something I love more than anything–music! There has been tons of music-related content over the years–however after almost twelve years of operation–music is now going to be the primary focus of PopBytes–mixed with dashes of TV, film MORE

Starbomb returns with ‘Player Select’


Fun fact: Christmas is now less than a week away, so if you haven't gotten all your gift by now, SURPRISE! You're boned! But not to worry, here's an early Christmas present for you: Starbomb, the nerdcore rap / rock group comprised of Egoraptor (Arin Hanson) and NinjaSexParty (Danny Sexbang and Ninja Brian) is back with a brand new album called Player Select! And they even have a new music video for their first single, a love letter to the MORE

Exclusive: PopBytes chats with Eden xo

Eden xo

Eden xo is ready for pop domination. It took a few false starts before she emerged as the confident and exciting songstress that she is today. The 25-year-old musician started out in a female-fronted punk band, Shut Up Stella, before moving to England to collaborate as a songwriter with some of the biggest hit makers it pop. When she returned to the US, she fronted Jessie and the Toy Boys (interviewed by PopBytes back in 2011), but after a MORE

Music Video: St. Vincent’s “Birth In Reverse”

St. Vincent

Thanks to the never-ending supply of "album of the year" lists being published again, St. Vincent is getting one last victory lap before we jump into a new calendar year. And rightly she should, because St. Vincent (the album, not the artist or the movie) really does deserve to be ranked in the upper tier. Anyway, now's probably as good a time as any to release the music video for her single, "Birth In Reverse," in which she serves high-fashion MORE

Have you heard Hannah Diamond’s “Every Night” yet?

Hannah Diamond

As much as I love soulful indie folk and dark moody EDM, I will always have a soft spot in my heart for bubblegum pop. I think people tend to look down on pop for operating with a more readily accessible aesthetic, but when it's well executed, it can really be some of the most deliciously exquisite music out there. So with all that said, here's Hannah Diamond, a multi-hyphenate singer-photographer-creative-director whose new single, "Every MORE