See Kate Upton in zero gravity bikini action!

Kate Upton

It's been a while since we threw the straight boys / lesbian girls / bisexuals of either gender a bone, so I think it's time we rectified that. So here's supermodel Kate Upton doing a photo shoot for the 50th anniversary of Sports Illustrated's wwimsuit issue in zero gravity, because that's how science works: Someone dedicates time, energy and brainpower to create a scientific breakthrough, and then men figure out a way to use it as a MORE

No, Jessica Hart wasn’t fired for dissing Taylor Swift

Jessica Hart

Earlier today, a rumor went around that Victoria's Secret model Jessica Hart was fired for dissing Taylor Swift, because you should never buy the hand that feeds. Or more accurately, the one that puts you in a lingerie dress made of tinker toys because that's apparently wearable. Or something. I don't know how lingerie works. Point is, the rumor has been called untrue by Victoria's Secret, so don't worry! Jessica has not lost her cushy job of MORE

Did VS model Jessica Hart diss Taylor Swift?

Jessica Hart and Taylor Swift

Last week was the Victoria's Secret fashion show, which Taylor Swift performed at because ... well, the year before her was Justin Bieber. They needed to redeem themselves for that somehow. Anyway, after the fact, VS model Jessica Hart sounded off on Taylor's inclusion in the show, saying that while she liked her, she wasn't sure if Taylor fit in. Fast forward to today, where VS is going into damage control by saying that the whole thing was a MORE

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr are splitting up

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr

Well, this is going to be the big story of the day apparently, so let's jump to it: actor Orlando Bloom and model Miranda Kerr have announced to E! News that they're splitting up after three years of marriage. So good news! If you're a fan of the ladies, you now have a slightly better chance with a Victoria's Secret model, or if you're strictly dickly, you have a shot at Legolas. And if you swing both ways, then truly, you are the most fortunate MORE

Kate Upton loves her Hot Pockets!

Kate Upton and Snoop Dogg

Because I have no words to describe whatever this is, here's Kate Upton starring in a four-and-a-half minute long music video for Hot Pockets. Also, Snoop Dogg, Larry King, and Oliver Cooper are in here too, because otherwise the Minecraft reference and the Biz Markie spoof would make no sense whatsoever! Now if you'll excuse me, I have to find a way back to our universe from whatever strange alternate dimension I seem to have fallen into. MORE

Heidi Klum got a sunburn on her bottom

Heidi Klum

Dear Heidi Klum, It's okay. Really. If you tell us you got a sunburn, we'll just take your word for it. But if you want to post pictures of your ass on the internet, we probably wouldn't blame you. Get it gurl! Love, PopBytes PHOTO | INSTAGRAM MORE

Heidi Klum (probably) won’t get married again

Heidi Klum

We’re still reeling from Heidi Klum’s divorce from Seal. Will we really never see another duet at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show? And who gets custody of the Halloween party? There are still so many unanswered questions. Well, one thing we know for sure, thanks to February’s Marie Claire, is that Heidi will most likely not get married again. When asked about it, Klum said, "I don't think so. No. No. I wanted to keep the memory MORE

Bar Refaeli’s sex tape Kickstarter!

Bar Refaeli

Okay, not really. It's actually just a video for Funny or Die that makes fun of the whole crowd-sourcing thing. But it is pretty funny and for some reason, posts with "SEX TAPE" in the title tend to bring in the numbers something fierce, so I'm not going to look a gift horse in its immaculate mouth. I just hope that after she raises her money, Bar Refaeli actually pays her sex tape volunteers. Seriously, can you imagine if some guy made a sex MORE


Tyra Banks - America's Next Top Model

Because Simon Cowell firing every recognizable person on The X Factor is working out so well for him, Tyra Banks decided that it's time for every one else on her show to Gee-Tee-Eff-Oh, which means you probably shouldn't expect to see Nigel Barker, J. Alexander and Jay Manuel on the next season of America's Next Top Model. Jezebel reports: Apparently there are "big changes" in store for the show, and the new judges may be style bloggers. Think MORE

Janice Dickinson doesn’t like Kim Kardashian

Janice Dickinson

A couple months back, Janice Dickinson unleashed the full force of her awesome diva crazy all over Kim Kardashian, and the world saw that Janice was good. At least in the sense that she wasn't afraid to put her rings on and bitch-slap someone. But now she's going even further, saying that Kim should be tarred and feathered, which I'm sure Kim would love because that would make people pay even more attention to her! Yay! RadarOnline MORE

Not everyone loves Kate Upton’s boobies!

Kate Upton - Sports Illustrated

So if you haven't been on the web for the past few days, you might not yet be familiar with Kate Upton or her boobies. Well, Kate is apparently some sort of model who tweeted her way into wearing a way too tiny bikini on the cover of Sports Illustrated's 2012 annual Swimsuit Issue, or as it's known to straight men, "The Issue I Can Jack It To". Anyway, despite having big awesome boobs and a loyal Twitter following, not everyone is sold on her. MORE

Gisele Bündchen slammed the Patriots!

Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady

The Super Bowl was last night in case the deafening media coverage didn't completely tip you off, and before we delve into this year's fake half-time show controversy, we have to talk about supermodel Gisele Bündchen. By now you probably know that Gisele is married to Tom Brady, the quarterback of the New England Patriots, and after the New York Giants beat them to win the Super Bowl (sorry, Pats fans) Gisele apparently threw a big ol' bucket of MORE

Kate Moss couldn’t control her bladder!

Kate Moss

Because we will never, in a million years, get tired of stories featuring whores and pee (google "whores + pee" and Kim Kardashian will be the first thing to come up), a new blind item from a fashion intern who worked on a shoot with a "nameless supermodel best known for a drug scandal" who, let's face it, is most likely Kate Moss pissed in her pants during the middle of a fashion shoot. Probably because she doesn't have enough muscle left to MORE

Can someone get Ali Lohan a sandwich?

Ali Lohan

Well, it looks like Ali Lohan isn't going to try and dispel those rumors about eating disorders and plastic surgery, because Lindsay Lohan's little sister showed up to a model casting looking as if she had just come off a month-long hunger strike. Us Weekly reports: Climbing out of a white SUV, the budding catwalker, clad in tight jeans, boots and a tucked-in white shirt, appeared alarmingly gaunt and pale -- with noticeably stick-thin arms MORE